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2005/01/13 15:54:01 (permalink)


There is a "chain" of burger places in Florida called Lindburgers. I think hey are mostly on the east coast, but I believe there may also be one in Naples and other locations. Supposedly they feature gourmet hamburgers and salads. Do any of you RF-ers have a report on how their food is or any other experience on them to report?
Bonita Springs, FL

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    RE: Lindburgers 2005/01/13 16:40:56 (permalink)
    QFan, talk anout timing; the local paper just printed a review of Lindburgers today. Rather than paste a a link to their site which may not work in the future, I copied and pasted the review for you.

    I don't know if all Lindburgers are this good since it is a chain, but the local one in Penfield (a town outisde Rochester, NY) sounds decent.

    Cheap Eats: Lindburgers

    The old standby gets a gourmet ride

    Meals: Lunch and dinner daily.

    Accessibility: Fully wheelchair accessible.

    The damage: $6.95 for burger and fries, $2.95 for beer.

    The details:
    2157 Penfield Road (Wegmans Plaza), Penfield. (585) 388-9420.

    Karen Miltner
    Staff writer

    (January 13, 2005) — Long before acclaimed chef Daniel Boulud introduced his $27 hamburger at his Manhattan DB Bistro Moderne, a modest Florida burger chain called Lindburgers was touting the gourmet burger in 50 variations. About six years ago, Michele and Larry Azzi opened a Penfield branch.

    With burgers priced from $5.50 to $7.95 (including fries and pickle), Lindburgers can't compete with the black truffles and foie gras that Boulud loads in his, but the family restaurant does offer more choices than fast food outlets or local burger chains.

    There are burgers with teriyaki and herbed cheese, burgers with chili and onions, burgers with béarnaise sauce, burgers with pineapple and sweet and sour sauce. (Who needs ketchup or mustard?) The best seller is the New Yorker (No. 22) with mushrooms, cheese and grilled onions. In keeping with local tradition, all are served on a Rochester hard roll (for you newcomers, that's a twist roll.)

    The closest you can get to the DB is Lindburgers' No. 47, also known as the East Avenue burger, which is amply topped with black lumpfish caviar, sour cream and raw onions. There's no champagne on the menu, so I improvised with more pedestrian bubbly — a bottle of Sam Adams. Lindburgers also serves wine.

    Really, the burgers themselves, not the toppings, are what shine. The certified Angus beef patties are large, thick and cooked the way you really want them. So if you want to throw caution to the wind and order yours rare (as I did), rest assured it will arrive with a cool, barely cooked center. Or, you can go completely raw, and ask for the tartare.

    The restaurant's name and decor (historic aviation photos, paintings and airplane mobiles fashioned from soda cans), left me wondering whether Charles Lindbergh had a special yen for burgers. Larry Azzi says the connection is homonymic, as the founder, formerly a pilot, simply borrowed the famous aviator's name and respelled it. The paraphernalia is a big hit with diners, especially among "retired people, who see the pictures and start telling stories," says Azzi.
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    RE: Lindburgers 2005/01/13 18:23:58 (permalink)
    Here is their main link. Looks pretty good. Of course, nowhere near me...

    Dang!!!!! Check out the "Meatloaf Burger"

    (Menu is in .pdf format)
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    RE: Lindburgers 2007/10/25 20:57:30 (permalink)
    Any Roadfood member visited a Lindburgers yet? I'm heading to Rochester Sunday and have been to all the local places many times so it is time to maybe try this place.
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    RE: Lindburgers 2007/10/30 14:39:11 (permalink)
    I've been to the one in Delray Beach, Fl, several years ago, while visiting family in the area. Don't remember if the food was any good, but I think they had tons of different types of burgers on their menu. It was probably pretty good because my family went there often. Sadly, I live in the Daytona area now and there are none near me.

    Junior Burger
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    RE: Lindburgers 2008/07/01 14:44:52 (permalink)
    I live right next to a lindburgers and visit it about 3 times a week they have excellent food and not just the burgers they have good entres and what not also... and a pretty freindly staff.
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    RE: Lindburgers 2008/07/01 14:54:08 (permalink)
    There used to be one on northlake blvd near me in North Palm Beach....a huge selection of unique burgers...The Meatloaf burger was great. But like most returants here in Florida...they closed
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    RE: Lindburgers 2008/07/14 18:08:25 (permalink)
    I live in the Jupiter Area and LOVE Lindburgers. Whenever I get a chance to go, I go! Of course, if The Brass Ring is on the way, Lindburgers gets the ax!
    Rick F.
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    RE: Lindburgers 2008/07/14 18:40:36 (permalink)
    Originally posted by Adjudicator

    Here is their main link. Looks pretty good. Of course, nowhere near me...

    Dang!!!!! Check out the "Meatloaf Burger"

    (Menu is in .pdf format)
    All I get is a general page with no sign of a menu.
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    RE: Lindburgers 2008/07/14 18:52:39 (permalink)
    Originally posted by Rick F.

    Originally posted by Adjudicator

    Here is their main link. Looks pretty good. Of course, nowhere near me...

    Dang!!!!! Check out the "Meatloaf Burger"

    (Menu is in .pdf format)
    All I get is a general page with no sign of a menu.

    Why even have a website that has a flying banner of "Home of 50 great burgers" if you can't even view the menu?
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    RE: Lindburgers 2008/08/13 17:13:46 (permalink)
    Great burgers. They have a large menu with all the toppings listed. WHat's nice his that these are small cozy places that aren't big corporate sports bars. They are consistently good and whenever we're in the mood for a burger we try to stop in. bkk
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