Louisiana Poboys

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2005/04/18 11:28:46 (permalink)

Louisiana Poboys

Im starting a new topic, because the info on poboys seems to be isolated to Louisiana Cajun, or New Orleans poboys.

Last weekend we ate at a wonderful roadfood place called Crawfish Hut, in Rayne, on Rte. 90 heading out of town towards Crowley. It is a cement floor, varnished pine tables, taxidermy fish on the walls kind of place.
Their seafood poboys were wonderful. They were at least a foot long, on lovely bread--fresh, flakey baguette with a soft middle, dressed with lettuce, roma tomato slices and mayonnaise. We shared two, one fried crawfish, one fried shrimp. The shrimp were mixed sizes, some quite big for a po boy, maybe 30/lb size. The sandwiches came with some pretty good fries, seasoned but not coated. The seafood was in a corn flour breading, very thin, with a hint of garlic powder flavor, not overpowering. Even the hungriest men in our group took home sandwich halves, they were so big. I am ashamed to say I nearly finished both halves.
These were among the best poboys I'd had and compare very favorably with Chris's and Old Tyme Grocery in Lafayette.
Others said the seafood avocado salads were good. We will definitely go back. They do have limited hours, check ahead.

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    RE: Louisiana Poboys 2005/04/18 12:03:20 (permalink)
    I think, sugarlander, that the problem is that most of us poor souls don't get to experience poboys anywhere but in New Orleans. Actually, in San Francisco in recent years I have encountered booths at local street fairs serving a pretty decent oyster loaf, but that's unusual. So make our mouths water--tell us about what South Louisiana has to offer. But don't expect many of us to help out. We are simply deprived.
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    RE: Louisiana Poboys 2005/04/18 12:48:03 (permalink)
    I had a fantastic roast beef po-boy a couple of weeks ago at Short Stop Poboys in Metairie. We stumbled on this place after getting recommendations from the waiters at Don's Seafood Hut. Fantastic French bread, roast beef was plentiful...I've been dreaming about another one since we left there! My brother had a fried shrimp poboy that that he talked about for several days! He also complimented their chicken/sausage gumbo. I would go back anytime!
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    RE: Louisiana Poboys 2005/04/18 14:01:58 (permalink)
    Well, New Orleans does have good food, no doubt about that. But venturing west on I-12/10 (or better yet on the little roads) can lead to some good surprises. I hope you can do this some time.
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    RE: Louisiana Poboys 2005/04/20 13:23:39 (permalink)
    Cajun Crawfish Hut in Longbeach Mississippi. Terriffic shrimp poorboy. Guy gets them fresh off the boats every morning.
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    RE: Louisiana Poboys 2005/04/20 15:49:17 (permalink)
    Just the title got my mouth watering. I've only been able to stop by The Big Easy for a few short stays, and while I understand that po'boys come in many types, I have only had the ones with fried oysters. Some have been better than others, but each has been excellent. The closest thing that we have in New England is the fried clam roll, a delight in it's own right. IMO, the po'boy is often better because, usually in NO they use a better (often homemade) bread. In New England, most clam and lobster rolls are served on a common hotdog bun. We have fried oysters up here, but they don't seem to be the same as down there.
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