Lucky's Coffee Shop, Wilmington, DE

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2010/03/26 20:21:25 (permalink)

Lucky's Coffee Shop, Wilmington, DE

The first time Brian and I went here, in December '09, we were both kind of disappointed. The place is retro-on-purpose, and we just expected a lot but left with negative feelings, both service and food-wise.
This time (Sunday, March 21), we decided to give it another chance, and were both glad we did.

The service was great and we both really liked our food. I will only post a picture of my meal, because, in all fairness, Brian had a chicken salad sandwich, and that's NOT breakfast!
I had a simple egg sandwich with sausage on a toasted bagel with a side of grits, and loved it!

I decided to get cute with the ketchup.

The interior is either original (used to be called "The Ranch House" and was there for like 50 years) or they did a bang-up job of making it look original from the early 60s. All sorts of people come in and it's treated like a diner, which is great. The website makes it look like only hipsters should go there!
Lucky's Coffee Shop
4003 Concord Pike
Talleyville Towne Shops
Wilmington, DE  19803
(302) 477-0240
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    Re:Lucky's Coffee Shop, Wilmington, DE 2010/03/27 08:55:30 (permalink)
    Lucky's is a regular stop for me, live a mile from there.  It is not the original decor by any means.  The Ranch House was a dark and dreary place, all shades of brown.  While Lucky's is retro it is a faithful homage to Googie styled coffee shops.  The breakfast burrito is very good, the grilled sticky bun is great and the pancakes are a challenge to finish.  They did have to iron out some kinks in the beginning but have been consistent since then as far as my experience goes.  Unfortunately their pastry chef, who was also at the same owner's Corner Bistro, had to take a leave of absence.  She turned out some excellent pies and cakes.  I still get a good sugar fix at the nearby Bon Appetit though, also worth a stop.
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    Re:Lucky's Coffee Shop, Wilmington, DE 2010/03/27 09:44:33 (permalink)
    I love that sign with the semi-Googie lettering.
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    Re:Lucky's Coffee Shop, Wilmington, DE 2010/03/27 11:16:41 (permalink)
    Lucky's Coffee Shop was the restaurant of the day a few weeks ago, with a March, 2010 review by Michael Stern. That section of Concord Pike (U.S. 202) is one of my favorite stretches of American Highway, with its many architectural features from the 50's and 60's. I'm glad they chose a retro look for the diner. Google Maps street view still shows the Ranch House. They do not seem to have changed the exterior of the building much at all. Michael's review has a photograph of the breakfast burrito, and I look forward to trying one.
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    Re:Lucky's Coffee Shop, Wilmington, DE 2010/04/04 12:03:56 (permalink)
    I tried it when it first opened and it just reminded me of just a dressed up "roach" house. I think the ranch house removed the chance of ever enjoying a good meal on that piece of real estate.
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