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2006/11/08 07:41:29 (permalink)


Regarding the review of the Lum's Davie, FL location: There is a Lum's alive and well in Plattsburgh, NY near exit 37 of I-87.

Plattsburgh, NY

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    RE: Lum's 2006/11/08 07:54:34 (permalink)
    ...And they still serve hot dogs steamed in beer, Hormel, all-beef, 6 to a lb., if I'm not mistaken. But, I'd check on that.
    The Bear
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    RE: Lum's 2006/11/08 13:42:43 (permalink)
    Long live the Ollie Burger! Our Lums in Rockville, MD, is now a memory (it's now the location of a Hooters) but I still remember it fondly. Think my wife would let me go there as sort of a "nostalgic return to the scene of a childhood favorite"? Probably shouldn't even ask.
    Route 11
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    RE: Lum's 2006/11/08 14:13:33 (permalink)
    Almost flipped out when I drove by the old location in Woodbridge, VA. The building's there, the sign's up but they're boarded up and not open.

    I wanted an Ollieburger!
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    RE: Lum's 2006/11/08 14:45:29 (permalink)
    Route 11, as recently as a yr or 2 ago, there were still viable Ollie's Trolleys in the Wash, DC suburbs where you get get your Ollie Burger fix and the famed beer-steamed dog. Pretty sure at least one or two are still open.

    Bonita Springs, FL
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    RE: Lum's 2006/11/08 15:38:04 (permalink)
    This is a welcome thread. Just a few days ago, Judi and were trying to remember what hot dog chain sold beer steamed hot dogs. We could not remember tha name of Lums. They had one in Gatlinburg and we stopped there every time we were there. I guess they have been gone for 20 or more years.

    Paul E. Smith
    Knoxville, TN
    John A
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    RE: Lum's 2006/11/08 18:02:07 (permalink)
    Seems like just yesterday that I use hit the Lums in Vero Beach, Fl, a couple of times a week. Crap, that was in 1970.

    Junior Burger
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    RE: Lum's 2006/11/08 18:17:11 (permalink)
    Man, that was the days of the dinosaur. We used to drive from Knoxville,TN to Daytona Beach, over night. My dad did not stop for anything ( we used a Jiff Peanut butter jar):-)But the first night there we always went to LUMS. I loved that place and the hot dogs...wish I could have taken my daughters there when they were little.
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    RE: Lum's 2008/12/04 12:41:16 (permalink)
    Sadly, the Lum's in Plattsburgh has closed. Spotted the sad sight when I was up there in September.
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