Lunch Counters & restaurants in department stores

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Re:Lunch Counters & restaurants in department stores 2012/02/21 19:12:35 (permalink)
As a young adult I lived in Memphis, TN, and a LOT of stores had lunch counters.  They were the old standbys of us young working girls.  Lowenstein's dept store had a counter, and the food was very good.  My favorite there was their papaya juice, a bit of an oddity at that time.  Gerber's (The John Gerber Company) dept store also had one, and it was great!  Walgreen's also had one, but I had a really nasty case of food poisoning once and suspected it came from there; I was so sick that the doctor my sister called actually made a house call!  When I was a kid, the ultimate treat was an ice cream sundae at the Woolworth's counter.  They also had a candy counter where the candy was weighed and put in little white paper bags.  A nickel would buy a decent amount of malted milk balls, probably 1/4 lb.
I imagine those lunch counters didn't bring in the revenue the stores felt the floor space should generate.  Too bad, though, that we've basically lost this piece of history.
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Re:Lunch Counters & restaurants in department stores 2012/02/22 20:36:37 (permalink)
Back in the mid-70's, I would occasionally take a bus out of the Port Authority to visit my parent's home (as I lived in New York City, I didn't get a driver's license until 1984 about a decade older than most people). One of the things I would look forward to was the visit to Walgreen's, and the bittersweet chocolate ice cream soda.
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Re:Lunch Counters & restaurants in department stores 2012/02/23 00:41:24 (permalink)
Joske's Dept Store had a rather large restaurant when I was growing up.  It was here that
my mother taught table manners.  We ordered the little tea sandwiches, there were about five per plate, cut in various shapes and sizes.   Tuna on wheat, cream cheese on raisen, cucumber on rye ...... unfortunately I can't remember the other two.   I always felt so special eating these fancy tidbits - back straight, pinky out, napkin on lap.
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