Maryland crabs and crabcakes

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2010/08/10 13:09:30 (permalink)

Maryland crabs and crabcakes

My wife and I were recently watching Maryland Public Television when we happened upon two shows devoted to where to find the best hardshell crabs and the best crabcakes in the Chesapeake Bay area: "Eatin' Crabs: Chesapeake Style," and "Eatin' Crabcakes: The Best I Ever Had. By the time the two shows were over, we were drooling all over the piece of paper on which we were hurriedly writing down names and addresses. Here is a link to where the videos can be seen. [link=][/link] Each lasts about a half-hour. Enjoy!  
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    Re:Maryland crabs and crabcakes 2010/08/10 15:45:15 (permalink)
    Did you see the program titled, Chesapeake Bay By Air?
    that was awesome. Aerial views of the bay. So georgeous!

    I'm jonesing to move out of DC to a house in a bay community, that program made me want to make the move even more!

    I'll have to catch those crab episodes you mentioned. MPT is going through their fundraising period, so they're showing all that good local stuff right now.
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    Re:Maryland crabs and crabcakes 2010/08/30 13:01:59 (permalink)
    Recently went to Stoney Creek Inn. Small family crab joint in Orchard Beach, MD.
    I happened to be out that way looking for a house and stumbled across this quaint roadside/waterview restaurant.
    The best crab cake I've had. I got the sandwich, which came with a side for $15. I chose the hush puppies - which weren't exceptional, but good. The crabcake however, was simply lump crab meat, a little seasoning, no filler really to speak of. When it fell apart as I ate it, just lumps of crab meat came out. So fantastic, I thought it was better than Faidley's crabcake I had last Spring in Baltimore.

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    Re:Maryland crabs and crabcakes 2010/08/30 14:49:59 (permalink)
    Now I'm Drooling! (My wife says I do that anyway!)
    The only crabs we have in the desert are sand crabs!
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    Re:Maryland crabs and crabcakes 2010/08/30 14:55:40 (permalink)
    Ah, Stoney Creek, My Uncle's favorite restaurant.  At present my Uncle is recovering from a stroke in a facility in B'more but he has lived most of his life in a house my father & grandfather built down off Mountain Road.  Whenever anyone would go to visit my Uncle he'd say "Let's go to Stoney Creek for Lunch" 
    You are right, it's a great setting.  I seem to remember that at one time they also had great saurbraten, not always on the menu, just a special for certain occasions.
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    Re:Maryland crabs and crabcakes 2010/09/02 14:57:56 (permalink)
    About 20 years ago, I had crabs and crab cakes at a place called Gibby's somewhere around Sparks Maryland, north of the inner harbor. I don't know how they compare to the best of the local joints, but they kicked butt over anything I've had anywhere else. You could get 'em broiled or fried, and they were chock full of lump crab meat with just enough breading and seasonings. Heck, that was 20 years ago and I'm still talking about them. I wonder if they are still around......
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    Re:Maryland crabs and crabcakes 2010/09/06 11:43:49 (permalink)
    There is a restaurant in Frederick, Md. called Dutch's Daughter, best crab cake off the traditional crab cake path.
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