Mass road trip

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2006/05/19 08:11:05 (permalink)

Mass road trip

Forgot to report back after getting some help asking about Pete's Drive in a month or so ago. Pete's wasn't great but we still had fun. First stop was the Yankee Diner on Rt. 20 in Charleton which we enjoyed very much. Classic diner that maybe needs a little spiffing up, extremely friendly waitress, they had no problem splitting the 2 egg/2 pancake/bacon breakfast and even put it on separate plates. Eggs cooked properly, pancakes not quite as beautiful as the ones we saw grilling while we waited but fine, side order of home fries was good (even that was split) and we were told we HAD to have the special "SOS", creamed chipped beef which was way better than I remember when I had it as a kid. $6 something for a good amount of food and friendly atmosphere.

Wandered around Amherst and stopped into Bart's for small dishes of ice cream, also grabbed a good cappuccino/shortbread cookie from Henion Bakery across the street. Then a shorter drive than we thought to Pete's Drive in on Rt. 9 in Hadley to split a hot dog and cheeseburger. One of the thinnest burgers I've ever seen, dog came on a great buttered and grilled roll but the dog itself could have been snappier. About $2 each.

Northampton is a great little town, started with some great pie at the Blue Bonnet diner on King St/Rt. 5. All I've had is cream pie my 3 trips there and the pineapple cream pie was another winner, great crust. Rhubarb pie was good too, nice waitress, only $2.25 and $2.50. Had a fancy dinner then Sun. brought us to the Springfield Museums then the infamous White Hut. I'm glad I went for the experience, but we had better burgers and dogs on our Conn. road trip last year. Again, a great grilled roll with the small dog, the cheeseburger was a mess with the fried onions and if we waited 2 more min to eat it, I think the wrapping would have soaked into the food. Fries were decent, came to <$6. I know the choice there is limited to 3 things, but a sign telling you that with prices would be nice. And they could toss a few picnic tables outside, and maybe a counter around the window to eat at. It was kind of depressing inside instead of funky which I expected. They did have Stewarts bottled diet root beer which was a plus. Next on my list: Roscoe's in Hartford or Lawton's in Lawrence MA.

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    RE: Mass road trip 2006/05/19 12:54:58 (permalink)
    Don't rush up to Lawtons last I heard it was under water. Kind of a good thing though, it needed a good cleaning. The only spot {diner} that I've seen with an active fire hydrant inside. And be carefull parking they ticket heavy there. About 3 miles away and very easy to find is Harrisons Roast Beef It's also a must stop. Chow Jim
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    RE: Mass road trip 2006/05/19 14:54:55 (permalink)
    Joanie, your descriptions made my mouth water. It's wayyy past lunch time.
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    Re:Mass road trip 2010/08/28 19:25:39 (permalink)

    Wandered around Amherst and stopped into Bart's for small dishes of ice cream, also grabbed a good cappuccino/shortbread cookie from Henion Bakery across the street. .........

    We got to the Amherst Bart's for the first time in 5 or 6 years a few days ago. For those unfamilar, Bart's is a small, world class ice cream scoop shop chain.

    They make their own ice cream, in Greenfield, Mass. My classic hot fudge sundae was made with home made fudge sauce, fresh whipped cream spooned out of a bowl, and the biggest cherry I have ever seen on a sundae. It was a little small for a large, being two decent size scoops.
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