Maui Tacos

Saint Matt
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2005/09/19 17:06:18 (permalink)

Maui Tacos

This chain is new to my area. Is it worth trying?

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    Poverty Pete
    Double Chili Cheeseburger
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    RE: Maui Tacos 2005/09/19 17:30:26 (permalink)
    Eating at a chain restaurant isn't a life-changing experience, Matt. Check it out, and let us know how you liked it.
    Sandy Eggo
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    RE: Maui Tacos 2005/09/19 20:58:26 (permalink)
    They were established in 1993... wow a real pioneer! Try it out and let us know!!
    The California locations are in Northern CA or I'd give them a try. But it just seems so weird that they opened "to bring L.A. or SoCal style food to the Islands" and now are selling franchises on the mainland. Call me a skeptic, but this is just another Taco Del Mar, Baja Fresh, whatever take on mass franchising of food using the popular Mexican theme. These folks are making their money selling franchises, not food. I think this place was successful because they offered Mexican fast food on Maui and all the haole yuppie tourists began eating there for their Mexican fix and to escape the high prices of Maui restaurants. It's funny how a place can take off when there is NO competition.

    Their web site is telling. Their main page talks more about their expansion than it does to their food, or what makes their food special. When all they talk about is how they're growing by selling franchises and not what makes their food a stand out you know where their priorities lie.

    Why is In N Out Burger still good? They expand, but stay company owned, which means they make their money from selling their food, not selling a business plan.
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    RE: Maui Tacos 2005/09/20 12:07:56 (permalink)
    There are/were several Maui Tacos in the Atlanta area. The Sandy Springs location is the only one we tried - and it is gone now. The food (we both ordered burritos) was decent - about all you could hope for from a chain. My wife was less pleased than I. We never returned.
    Double Cheeseburger
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    RE: Maui Tacos 2005/09/21 06:39:06 (permalink)
    Not bad as airport food goes. My son and I ate at one at Reagan Airport on the way back from his class trip. Interesting, but pricey, although a decent deal in an airport, as I said.
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