McD's Failures

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Michael Hoffman
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RE: McD's Failures 2008/11/05 11:26:28 (permalink)
The fact that McDonald's went with the lobster salad for its so-called lobster roll in Connecticut automatically doomed it there.
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RE: McD's Failures 2008/11/05 11:31:30 (permalink)
when I had my McLobster in Massachusettes a few years ago, it was lobster salad with one whole lobster claw on top. For $3.99, it was worth the novelty. I haven't had it again. But if at McDonalds again in the same situation, I would certainly choose that over the fish filet.
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RE: McD's Failures 2008/11/10 00:28:26 (permalink)
senor boogie woogie - Cheeseburger
How about the McLean? That thing had no flavor. What happened to the cherry pie of my youth?

Hmm, our McDonald's have Cherry pies, doesn't everyones?
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McDLT, hot side hot and cold side cold.

Not sure why this would've failed, as it's constantly rated by people as one of their favorite burgers from McD's.. I think it was just discontinued when McD's fazed out styrofoam?
Kaczmark - Hamburger
How about some failures that were either tried or imagined......."McCrabcakes",delicious immitation crab rolled up in cracker crumbs, and flash fried to a golden orange !!

Actually our local McD's have REAL crabcake sandwiches every summer. I don't eat seafood, but understand they are pretty good, and a good price too.
fcbaldwin - Cheeseburger

they made their french fries from fresh cut potatoes and deep fried them in beef tallow.

This actually still pisses me off... the switched to cooked in 100% vegetable oil - and took beef tallow off the ingredient list - meanwhile up until they got sued just a couple years ago - they still used beef for flavoring! Not good for people like me who are alergic to beef protein (along with people for religious reasons don't eat beef) I always wondered why their food made me sick, I figured it was just because it was McD's - until I realized they were poisioning me with beef. It took me quite a while to visit them again.
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Today, my SO and I wanted a salad for lunch, and we headed for a nearby McDonald's in order to have their Asian Salad with Grilled Chicken. Well, apparently we were in the minority, as the Asian Salad has disappeared from the menu. The Caesar Salad and the Southwest Salad were still listed, but the Asian Salad was not.

Hope not, I don't eat non-breakfast at McD's much - but the Asian salad is about the most edible thing they sell. :(
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RE: McD's Failures 2008/11/13 00:30:45 (permalink)
"Since I live in LA which has a huge Latino population and some of the best tortas in the world, I fail to understand why anyone would go to McDonald's for a torta!"

I was in a local Taco Bell here in Charlotte picking up a to-go order (my wife likes those little crispy tacos once in awhile), and there was a Hispanic family of five sitting at a table and eating that crap. What's sad is that on that street, there are probably 8 authentic Hispanic restaurants within 5 minutes with good food. How did they wind up there, I wonder?

As to Ray stealing everything from the McDonalds.....didn't he legitimately buy the restaurant from them at an agreed on price? Because he then took it and ran with it, how does that make him a crook?
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RE: McD's Failures 2008/11/14 09:30:42 (permalink)
One mass failure was the no-milk menu from the early 70s. I had not paid much attention to it at first, not noticing the "Milkshakes" were now just "Shakes". But then McDonald's tried their first foray into ice cream-like objects, the McCone (or whatever it was called). It looked like a Nutty Buddy but something about the taste was just not right. Then it came out the cones were filled with non-dairy material, basically frozen Creamora. And that started folks noticing the new names for the "Shakes"....
About the same time, the Dairy Council came up with their "Real" symbol. Burger King and Hardees were quick to plaster the "Real" logo onto their menu boards next to their shakes. McD's of course, could not do so and people noticed.
No idea how much "shake" sales decreased but eventually McD's relented and returned actual milk to their ice cream-like products.
Not that they learned their lesson. Rememeber "Chocolaty" chip cookies? Minimal cocoa products in those awful things.
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