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RE: McD's Future Products 2005/08/18 14:41:25 (permalink)
Originally posted by BigGlenn

"McPeanut Butter and Jelly"..."McPizza"......"McBiscuits and Gravy"....."McTaco"
"McNacho's"..."McAroni and Cheese".....and "McBuffet" "All you care to force down in one sitting"! LOL

The McPizza has been tried. I had it about ten years ago at the Mickey Ds at Six Flags in St. Louis. It remains to this day the worst pizza I have ever eaten. I have also seen some McDonalds in the south that carry biscuits & gravy on their breakfast menu, and one of the local McDonalds used to have a breakfast buffet at one point, that had all you could eat pancakes, biscuits & gravy, eggs, bacon, sausage, and Egg McMuffins.

Probably the oddest thing I have ssen on the McDonalds menu was about five years ago when they had the McBratwurst served with saurkraut...
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RE: McD's Future Products 2005/08/18 14:59:28 (permalink)
Am so intrigued by earlier postings suggesting McBuffets - also agree that this could solve chronic shortage of customers at dinner - only offer it after 5 pm. At least in these parts, anything on a buffet is eaten with glee as many diners go purely for quantity. A good Southern barbecue buffet is an immensely popular thing - for about 9 bucks, all of the bbq pork, fried chicken, slaw, salads, mac n' cheese, rice n' hash, pork rinds, beans, and banana pudding one can stand and it is TRULY fun to watch. Just imagine if you charged say, $5.99 for unlimited Big Macs, 1/4 Pounders, all the friez U C'N EAT and open shake machine. Now that would truly be a biological/sociological experience that I would like to witness.
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RE: McD's Future Products 2005/08/18 15:46:51 (permalink)
Lookin' at the deep south hunting and fish demographic:
McSpam with Cheese
Vienna Sausage McMuffin (reg., BBQ and Salsa )
New southern backwoods deli selections:
Fried McBologna on Bunny bread
McPotted Meat sandwich
Filet of Sardine sandwich
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