Meal Stretchers

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Double Cheeseburger
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RE: Meal Stretchers 2009/08/11 18:49:39 (permalink)
Breakfast foods for dinner. Slightly stale bread is great for French toast. Eggs and toast. Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat.

Leftovers of pretty much anything can, apparently, be made into a Frittata.

Leftover veggies, sauce and meat can all go on a homemade pizza.
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RE: Meal Stretchers 2009/08/15 15:31:07 (permalink)
I'm a big proponent of bread as a meal stretcher (and stomach/hip/thigh stretcher, in my case!). Plain old bread and butter, either made from scratch or just sliced bread, helps a lot of things go a long way - especially if you have teens in the house. They can inhale a tablefull of food like a swarm of locusts.

Also, google "tasty lentil tacos" for an unbelievably good, and ridiculously inexpensive dinner.  I serve it on frybread, and love-love-love the combination.  Even my husband, who would be quick to tell you that vegetarian meals Are.Not.Meals likes them.

I keep potatoes on-hand at all times (one recent favorite is chipotle smashed potatoes w/bacon, a little cheese, sour cream and chives), and frequently make a "Cajun hash" of my own creation - it's just a combination of any andouille you like, potatoes, onions, butter, and fried eggs on top. Heaven, and while not necessarily economical, it's great for those "there's nothing for dinner" dinners.  

But my biggest trick is ten pound bags of chicken leg quarters. No, they're not organic or free-range, but they ARE usually .59/lb, and you can make a million things with them. Broth/gumbo/dumplings/casseroles (try with lentils, rice, tomato sauce, onion and bacon, plus whatever seasonings to taste float your boat - awesome)/baked chicken, chicken & rice casseroles/etc, etc.  

Every now and then I enjoy the challenge of cooking with what's in the house at the time, which sometimes works great (hence, the chicken, lentil & rice dish or Cajun hash) sometimes "eh" - but always cheaper than going to the store and ending up with a bunch more "stuff" than I needed.  

Big Ugly Mich
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RE: Meal Stretchers 2009/11/14 06:43:27 (permalink)
Big Ugly Mich I have taken to mixing a lot of shredded veggies (sautéed and cooled) to my meatloaf ... not to stretch, but to enhance.
I add carrots chopped as finely as I can to a can of spaghetti sauce to kill the vinegar flavor. An aunt turned me on to that last summer.
What Italian sauce are you using that has vinegar??????
Either Hunt's or Del Monte.

Filet Mignon
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RE: Meal Stretchers 2009/11/14 19:25:29 (permalink)
Mich, I can send you a recipe for homemade sauce. NO vinegar involved.

As for meal stretchers, macaroni with chili, soda crackers with soup.
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RE: Meal Stretchers 2009/11/15 13:26:19 (permalink)
I totally agree on the beans- so many choices with dried beans, cooked with pickle meat, chunks of ham, hocks, or just a little bacon for flavor, are very nutritious and hearty, over rice and   cornbread on the side, and youv'e got a full meal.  You could puree the leftover beans with some broth for a soup.  

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RE: Meal Stretchers 2009/11/22 14:56:46 (permalink)
I was a stay at home mom for 21 years cooking for a family of 6.  I always watched the sales & when whole chickens were on sale, I would get at least 4 chickens.  My grandmother taught met how to cut up a whole chicken, I would keep the legs, thighs, & breasts for fried or barbecued chicken or chicken & rice.  Then I would divide the wings, backs, & all the trimmings into several packages to make dumplings, chicken & noodles, chicken & stuffing casserole. 
I had many recipes for using ground beef-hamburgers, sloppy joes, meatloaf, swedish meatballs, spagetti & meatballs, chili, tacos, & my kids favorite-taco potaotes.  I would buy potatoes in 20 lb bags-mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, fried potoatoes, french fries, baked potatoes.potato soup. 
Hot dogs were used for wveral meals-sauerkruault & weiners, baked beans & weiners, chili dogs.
The best way though to stretch out your food dollar is to cook as much as possible from scratch.   Any kind of prepared food is always expensive so I made as much as possible. 
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RE: Meal Stretchers 2009/11/22 17:45:54 (permalink)
You can cream just about anything.  chicken over rice.  beef on toast.  corn and limas.  just add some inexpensive sides and you have a great meal.
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RE: Meal Stretchers 2009/11/26 21:06:12 (permalink)
Make the stuffed pepper Mexican- add taco seasoning, corn, and diced tomato and top with pepper jack cheese-big hit here...
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