Metro Miami's 2 new splendid hot dog experiences

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2009/07/27 10:09:14 (permalink)

Metro Miami's 2 new splendid hot dog experiences

In the past when I've had a desire for a decent hot dog while visiting my in-laws in So Fl, I've visited Arbetter's as they have great steamed hot dogs or the Dogma Grill for grilled NY or Chi Town dogs
Me wife and I were in So Fl last week to attend services for her favorite auntie who suddently passed away at 93 years young, a former Garvey-ite whose mid was sharp and clear with outstanding full recollection until the very end
Anyhow, while watching the Travel Channel's Hot Dog Paradise show on Thursday night we saw them visit a new hot dog eatery with 2 locations, one in Downtown Miami open only Mon thru Friday since it is across the street from the court house on Flager and another one in the Dolphin Mall west of MIA in Miami Springs, the place is Frankitude. We were intrigued enough to pack a van full of nephews and nieces and the 9 of us took a trip from North Miami to the Dolphin Mall on Saturday afternoon to check it out
They have several styles of franks, beef, pork, salmon, hot links with an amazing array of serving choices, with a salad bar with dozens of toppings, they serve the franks in a wrap, in a tortilla bowl, I saw one platter with sliced franks served on top of fries, on a panini etc however the most bizarre and unique topping choice was Cuban style black beans, only in Miami
It was excellent and unlike any other hot dog stand I've been to anywhere in the country since the 1970s. Highly reccomended  I predict there will soon be knock offs of Frankitude around the country. Frankitude and Pollo Tropical are now the only 2 eateries of So Fl along with Hammond's Jamaican Bakery and their tremendous patties, second only to my wife's homemade ones, that we wish had locations here in So Cal, other than that we are extrmely happy to be back in Southern California and away from the madness of South Florida which seems to deteriorate more and  more every year we visit

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    Re:Metro Miami's 2 new splendid hot dog experiences 2009/07/28 12:04:31 (permalink)
    For photos and some more information about the two aforementioned hot dog joints, look at the beginning and the end of this thread.
    By the way, there were four Franktitudes when the owner opened them a couple of years ago.  Three of those closed, leaving the downtown one alone for a while.  The Dolphin mall location opened last year, and seemed busy the two times that I was there.  Mall vending is tough, because the malls generally require long hours seven days per week.
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    Re:Metro Miami's 2 new splendid hot dog experiences 2009/07/28 13:08:15 (permalink)
    Jonjax, if you really like hot dogs try my new favorite:

    They use Thurmann's dogs!

    Running any business in a Mall is tough.  You have to obey by the Mall's rules.  Can't be late opening or you'll be fined.  Can't close early.
    Can't take a day off and they take a cut of your profits besides charging you rent, insurance and parking.

    Better to make it on your own.
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