Mexican Seafood Dishes

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2003/04/09 21:28:24 (permalink)

Mexican Seafood Dishes

We used to go fishing out of Ensenada,BC several times a year ( It was much cheaper than going out of San Diego..and only about an hour below the border.)
Two highlights of those trips (last one in about 1999) were:
1. A stop at Porto Nuevo(NewPort) where a bunch of lobster houses had grown into a major tourist bazaar and food stop. You could get a two lobster dinner with beans rice and tortillas for less than $10. We would usually stop on the way back from the day of fishing, since if you ate that rich food the night before going out on the tend to be prone to bad feelings.....
2. I would like some feedback if anyone can, Fish Tacos are common street vendor food along the Pacific shore in B C (Baja California--not the Great White North) Anyway, I have yet to find a Mexican restuarant outside of SoCal that serves Fish Taco's?

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    RE: Mexican Seafood Dishes 2003/04/10 03:24:20 (permalink)
    Mayor your were so close to one one of the greatest seafood adventures you will ever have. It's called Popotla. I made 9 trips to San Diego in 4 years. It was great being close enough to the border that you could pop down to Popotla in a little more then a hour. Here is a link with more info. Try it, I think you will be very pleased.
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    RE: Mexican Seafood Dishes 2003/04/10 05:11:30 (permalink)
    Fresno, CA is a veritable hotbed of various Mexican cuisine, including all sorts of Mexican seafood, fish tacos included. You can hardly go a mile without at least 2 restaurants advertising "mariscos"..
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    RE: Mexican Seafood Dishes 2003/04/11 01:38:33 (permalink)
    Many Mexican restuarants in Milwaukee serve fish tacos. Most use perch, and although some serve this daily, most often it's served on fridays to compete with other local fish fry establishments.

    Another favorite Mexican seafood dish is caldo de camaron - a sweet-tomato-based soup with lots of fresh shrimp, cilantro, diced avocado & onion.

    Here is the menu from my favorite local place:
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    RE: Mexican Seafood Dishes 2003/05/10 01:04:25 (permalink)
    True, the fish taco thing was probably imported via San Diego but has spread at least to the Salt Lake City area. The Mexican restaurant we frequent, Morelia, regularly serves fish tacos and I believe a chain (Rubio's- probably from So. Cal.) has them as well. I've seen a couple of versions and like them all. I first heard about them from my wife after she visited Rosarita, BC, a number of years ago. I thought she was nuts until I tried one. The key, I believe, is the slaw and thin mayo- oh yes: and good fish.
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    RE: Mexican Seafood Dishes 2003/05/10 04:21:08 (permalink)
    It's very easy to make your own fish taco. Use good fish, I have used halibut, cod, even catfish. My favorite is grouper, when I can find it locally. I use a light coating of seasoned flour then fry. I talked to a manager at Rubio's and she told me the white sauce they use is half mayo and half plain yogurt. Use shredded cabbage, then top with the white sauce and your favorite salsa. This all in a warm corn tortilla. Well, I know what I am having for dinner tonight.
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    RE: Mexican Seafood Dishes 2003/05/10 07:36:01 (permalink)
    Fish tacos can be found all over the country nowadays, particularly in metropolitan areas. Many midrange-type Mexican/Tex-Mex restaurants serve them, though with ingredients that have strayed far from this food item's humble beginnings. At the other end of the restaurant scale, Maui Tacos, now found in a host of mainland airports, and Baja Fresh, which is owned by Wendy's but for the moment is still respectable, also feature them.
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    RE: Mexican Seafood Dishes 2003/05/15 16:24:39 (permalink)
    I don't know if you have them out there, but the Rubio's and Sharkey's chains have passable fish tacos.
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    RE: Mexican Seafood Dishes 2003/09/27 13:27:34 (permalink)
    Berryhills is famous for them in Houston.

    Walter Berryhill was an American Indian who dressed in a top hat and white coat and sold tamales from a pushcart in River Oaks, Houston's richest neighborhood, going way back to 1928.

    Investor's have bought the name and recipes and are turning it into a chain.

    Click on 'About Us' for more.

    I don't think the fish tacos go back that far but I don't know when that started.
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    RE: Mexican Seafood Dishes 2003/09/27 13:45:03 (permalink)
    Fish tacos in the USA started in the late '70's, I think. Steve Rubio opened a stand in San Diego. He brought the idea across the border, from a little place in Baja on the Gulf of California.
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    RE: Mexican Seafood Dishes 2003/12/29 20:06:12 (permalink)
    hermitt, I had Berryhill's tamales for the first time at a Lights in the Heights party early this month. I have never had better tamales before.

    I have had push cart tamales since the early 50s (Washingtom at Heights), and I have had some great homemade tamales over the years. But Berryhill's are the best by far.
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    RE: Mexican Seafood Dishes 2004/01/05 14:57:38 (permalink)
    Had a great meal Friday night at Taco's Jalisco in Oxnard CA. They were langostinos------looked like giant shrimps with the heads stuffed. Cooked in a garlic sauce (lots of garlic!) and served with rice, salad----no beans-----but Papas (french fries)! It was yummy, and so much food I could barely finish! I had never had the langostinos before---I'll look for them now!
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    RE: Mexican Seafood Dishes 2004/01/11 15:56:37 (permalink)
    My favorite Mexican fish dish is ceviche, with a healthy amount of garlic, cilantro & lime juice. Made w/ red snapper and/or shellfish (shrimp, scallops), served ice cold with warm bolillos and fresh sweet cream butter, and a never-ending pitcher of Margaritas w/ salt. Ooooohhhhh... I can almost feel the Mexican sun on my face now... Ay, carramba!
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    RE: Mexican Seafood Dishes 2004/01/11 17:52:35 (permalink)
    I've had fish tacos in some good places here in Atlanta - the Taqueria del Sol (really not Mexican at all but very good) and the Taqueria Los Hermanos in Tucker, which I recommend heartily, even if doing so makes it harder to get a seat.

    This is all reminding me how long it's been since my post-scuba certification trip to Cozumel. Great seafood which I ate lots of - good case for not getting stupid-drunk and not being able to look at food. (Not that I *didn't* get stupid-drunk at one point)
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    RE: Mexican Seafood Dishes 2004/01/12 11:51:20 (permalink)
    I've heard that A La Fiesta Bar & Grill @ 914 Eastern Blvd in Clarksville had fish tacos.. not sure how good or at what cost.. but thats what info I could get
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