Milk And Pepsi

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2009/06/18 17:46:52 (permalink)

Milk And Pepsi

     Has anyone ever tried combining Milk And Pepsi? It was mentioned several times on Laverne And Shirley, (I know I'm going to take some abuse for mentioning that show, but I can take it.)  I tried it as a kid and it was really bad.
     On a related note last night I drank a coke after eating a bowl of Cheerios with half and half.  The combonation kind of worked.

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    Re:Milk And Pepsi 2009/06/18 18:13:18 (permalink)

      That's funny!! forgot about that beverage, But, it IS rather similar to a rootbeer float with cola so.... who knows? should be okay!  when at the casino ( indian- no hootch ) I often have rootbeer with a couple creamers tossed in. YUM! 
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    Re:Milk And Pepsi 2009/06/18 19:16:25 (permalink)
    We used to drink it when we were kids, because we wanted to be just like Laverne (no need to be embarrassed on my account!).   Agreed, it's pretty foul.
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    Re:Milk And Pepsi 2009/06/19 00:35:14 (permalink)
    I've done it.  You have to mix them VERY slowly!
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    Re:Milk And Pepsi 2009/06/19 10:08:43 (permalink)
    Eeeeewwww... Pepsi? ;)
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    Re:Milk And Pepsi 2009/06/19 12:02:11 (permalink)
    Did it as a kid on a dare,as I recall it wasnt that
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    Re:Milk And Pepsi 2009/06/19 16:00:08 (permalink)
    John A
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    Re:Milk And Pepsi 2009/06/19 17:42:17 (permalink)
    Years ago I knew someone that drank Scotch & milk, that was bad enough.
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    Re:Milk And Pepsi 2009/06/19 17:45:48 (permalink)
    Our best friends and neighbors of the past 18 years are Cuban and they shared with us a very delicious beverage they drank as children and continue to do so. They would take a malta, a malta is a carbonated Latin soft drink made from malt but it is not a near beer nor does it taste like a malted, it is like a soda, heavier in consistency, dark brown and sweet made from malt with a molasses like taste. They sell them in Caribbean Latin markets  and bodegas or in spuermarkets that have specialized Caribbean Latino products as malta is popular in Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican, Columbia, Venezuela and other nations
    Anyhow they mix it with condensed milk over ice and it is super tasty, delicious plus nutrious. Lately I've begin mixing malta with soy milk and it's equally tasty. I have tried many brands of malta from several countries as in So Cal we have Liborio's Markets, a Cuban owned chain with products from evey latin American country and they carry many brands of malta and when my wife visit Miami we also look for different brands. The best for our taste buds is Malta Hatuey-Cuban style followed by Malta India-Puerto Rican style, Malta Siboney-Cuban style and Malta Goya-Puerto Rican style
    Try it, you'll like it
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