Mini Donut Machine

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2007/01/22 07:38:23 (permalink)

Mini Donut Machine

Anybody here have one? or have had experiences with them? They look like they could be a good money maker.


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    RE: Mini Donut Machine 2007/01/22 09:44:03 (permalink)
    I went to the Lil Orbits web site to refresh my memory about these setups.

    Here's the link for others to look at:

    How much for one of these setups? I had a vending route for 6 years and made the mistake of buying my first batch of machines brand new. I think if you could purchase one used off ebay it might be worth a try. Guess if the fryers can be used for funnel cakes, and churros this will increase your profit margin a great deal at festivals and fairs.

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    RE: Mini Donut Machine 2007/01/22 09:59:52 (permalink)
    They're great little machines but are pricey new. You also need to remember if you buy a used 'Lil Orbits, if you need parts, the company charges a premium to those not bought from the company.

    Their Donut product is good too. Something else to think about if your considering their mix is the cost of shipping a heavy pallet of flour to your location from one of the shipping points.

    E-Bay should start having more listings for mini donut machines soon as the concession season is just around the bend. There is usually something listed including Belshaw equipment, Donut Man, and Hole-in-One are others.
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    RE: Mini Donut Machine 2007/01/22 16:45:50 (permalink)
    Originally posted by carolinacooking

    Anybody here have one? or have had experiences with them? They look like they could be a good money maker.


    I've worked festivals with Lil Orbits vendors. They do well real early and very late but it's the in between times that gets him. He ended up having to add frozen lemonade and slush puppies to help his day business
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    RE: Mini Donut Machine 2007/01/22 18:39:51 (permalink)
    I remember watching them being made at the Clay County Fair in Spencer, Iowa back in the late sixties. They were called Tom Thumb Donuts back then and it was one of the most popular items at the fair.
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    RE: Mini Donut Machine 2007/01/23 10:14:55 (permalink)
    Be prepared to throw some donuts away. These machines have been popular with farm stand owners for years. I remember hearing (at least 20 yrs ago) about a study that showed that you sell far more donuts when the clients see the machine working.....AND they tend to buy more when they see other customers being served hot donuts right off the machine. I think that I remember the sales difference being something like 4 times!!! The problem is that you end up with lots of perfectly good but unwanted donuts. Watching the machine is a lot of fun, and who can resist buying a few donuts after watching and smelling the little machine for a few minutes? This may explain why a local Krispy Kreme runs their machine at 1/2 capacity for longer, rather than full capacity for shorter times.
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