Mini Man Burgers

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2005/01/21 20:01:57 (permalink)

Mini Man Burgers

Ok - so you've probably heard me tout Lone Star's burger recipe and technique. And I still stand by it!! However, we watched an episode of Alton Brown one day where he made these "Mini Man Burgers". The way he prepared them went against every Roadfooder's suggestion on this site! Rolling out the meat & handling it so much etc. I was very VERY skeptical! But, we tried it anyway (with MY "Lone Star" burger as back-up). I have to say...they were excellent. I refuse to compare the two, like apples and oranges. Alton's are very thin and the other ones alot thicker. But if you prefer a thinner burger, I highly recommend trying this recipe. If the mayo "scares" you, you cannot even taste it. It serves as a barrier between the juices and the roll so it does not get soggy. Here is the recipe link if you are interested. Yum! Now for the cheescake...we're splurging this weekend 'cause we'll be holed up here the whole time. Bring on that blizzard!!,,FOOD_9936_25895,00.html

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    RE: Mini Man Burgers 2005/01/21 20:22:29 (permalink)
    I was using a rolling pin to make White Castle clones 20 years ago.
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    RE: Mini Man Burgers 2005/01/24 07:47:17 (permalink)
    We make these once or twice a month, kind of a neat variation on the Krystal/ WCastle routine. Alton Brown "eres la onda!"
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    RE: Mini Man Burgers 2005/01/25 17:53:03 (permalink)
    I tried a similar recipe, but it involved using a meat grinder - we tossed the chunks of beef chuck with the dried spices and then ground, rolled and grilled. YUM!

    Alton Brown is the Man!!
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