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2005/05/25 23:56:28 (permalink)

Mister Donut

Does anyone know if Mister Donut exists anymore...I remember seeing one about 10 years ago and have never seen one again...

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    RE: Mister Donut 2005/05/26 00:34:11 (permalink)
    Don't think so. Around here they're all called "Donut Connection." Maybe the name was simply changed.
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    RE: Mister Donut 2005/05/26 09:27:09 (permalink)
    The ones around here changed to Dunkin Donuts years ago.
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    RE: Mister Donut 2005/07/29 16:09:42 (permalink)
    We used to stop at the Mr. Donut in Freeport, Ill., each time we drove from Chicago to Galena. This was in the 1970s and early 1980s, back when you had to drive straight through downtown Freeport because there was no other way to get to the northwestern corner of the state (now there's a bypass highway that goes around the town). I have fond memories of that Mr. Donut, but when I drove through downtown Freeport a few years ago, there was no sign of it. Alas.
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    RE: Mister Donut 2005/08/01 08:39:51 (permalink)
    We used to always stop at Mr. Donut when we went to Florida in the 70's. I remember that my parents liked their coffee so well that they would buy several pounds to bring back home. When my husband and I got married in 1972 and went to Florida on our honeymoon, we brought bags back our relatives.
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    RE: Mister Donut 2005/08/01 10:06:47 (permalink)
    This information is not guaranteed, since my memory isn't perfect. However, a friend of my parents had a Mister Donut franchise at one time and sold it when the conversion to Dunkin Donuts started. IIRC, what he said was, the company that owned the Mister Donut name was aquired by the company that owns Dunkin Donuts.

    (something rings a bell with me that there was some type of legal action involving trademark infringment or something of that nature. Maybe the logos, color scheme, building design, something like that was 'too close' to the Dunkin Donuts program)

    Anyhow, it seems that Mister Donut is no more. From what I recal that this person told me, sometime later, Donut Connection got their start from people who used to have Mister Donut franchises and either sold them or 'lost' them in the conversion. Some lost franchises in small towns where Mister Donut and Dunkin Donut were very close together and the company didn't feel it could support 2 of the same store. I know of a couple smaller towns where they were actually 'across the street' from each other.

    I have seen a couple Donut Connections popping up in the local area in the last couple years, before that the only time I ever hear the name was from this person. I don't know how accurate my memory is and the person who told me is no longer around to verify this with. I think this took place somewhere in the early to mid 1990's at least around here.

    If anyone knows more feel free to let us all know. I wont feel bad to be proven wrong.

    ...who prefered Mister Donuts to Dunkin Donuts, but, would rather have a great donut from a local bakery.
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    RE: Mister Donut 2005/08/01 17:57:37 (permalink)
    Speaking of places that keeps changing it names but staying in the same building check out this site: http://www.notfoolinganybody.com/ it will crack you up.
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    RE: Mister Donut 2005/08/13 21:58:00 (permalink)
    Mister Donut survives in Japan:

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    RE: Mister Donut 2005/09/25 14:19:05 (permalink)
    Yes it is here in Japan under but you'd not find it unless you asked for 'mistah donutsu' and it's a good place to hang out when the last train has gone.
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    RE: Mister Donut 2006/05/02 01:38:02 (permalink)
    Well, I am pretty sure there is a a Mr. Donut on US12 on the way to Detroit perhaps in the Dearborn area. I am visualizing the sign....It is a man with a white chef hat and the sign is diamond shaped???? I think I saw this sign only a little while ago on my trips for roadside fun on the way to Detroit. I will have to post a photo...I know it is still in business...
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    RE: Mister Donut 2006/05/02 07:47:59 (permalink)
    I remember the radio commercial jingle...

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    RE: Mister Donut 2006/05/06 09:50:05 (permalink)
    I remember Mister Donut!! We never had them in Manitoba, but when I would go and spend a week with my grandparents in Ottawa I remember one there. It used to be on Bank st next to Billingsbridge shopping Plaza! I don't know if it is there or not. Probably not given the fate of franchises cited above.
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    RE: Mister Donut 2006/05/23 09:53:40 (permalink)
    Wonder no more, I've got the whole scoop. In fact, I came up with the new name and designed their whole identity package.

    Dunkin' Donuts purchased Mister Doughnut in '93 or '94. The Mister Doughnut francisees had to either convert to Dunkin' of leave. Nine of the owners (in Ohio and Pennsylvania) got together to form a co-op so they could continue saving money by buying larger quantities of supplies and sharing in advertising costs. In 1995, they (we) presented the new concept to former Mister Doughnut owners and the rest is history. There are Donut Connection stores in 17 states.

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    RE: Mister Donut 2006/05/23 10:52:08 (permalink)
    Hello All,
    Back in the late 80's when I worked for a university catering dept., in the summer parent's and students would come
    on campus for orientation and to visit the university. At 4 a.m. I would go to the local Mister Doughnut and pick up
    a van-load of donuts to be served to parents. Yes, we didn't make our own donuts. They were so good. I gained 5 lbs that summer because I had to sample the donuts.
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    RE: Mister Donut 2006/05/23 12:12:34 (permalink)
    Growing up in the 60's and 70's in Miami, Fl, there were many to be found. Way before DD came to town, there was just Krispy Kreme and Mister Donut.
    I just googled and saw there are still several in Florida.
    miss donut donut
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    RE: Mister Donut 2015/08/09 23:32:09 (permalink)
    My parents owned a mister donut that went with donut connection instead of dunkin donuts. I would love to hear any mister donut or donut connection stories facts memorabilia. It was in Niles Ohio I believe there was another mister donut in struthers.
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    Re: Mister Donut 2015/08/22 13:15:49 (permalink)
    My wife and I purchased a Mister Donut franchise in 1983 and opened our shop in 1985 in Weirton, WV. In the early 1990's, Allied Lyons, the, at that time, owner of Dunkin Donuts acquired the Mister Donut franchise and all franchisee's were offered the option to convert their shops to Dunkin Donuts. Some franchisee's opted to convert and others refused to convert. We converted our shop. After several years those that did not convert, were notified that the use of the Mister Donut logos and name were no longer permitted to be used, and at that time, it is my belief, that the majority of those shop owners got together, created a buying co-op and acquired the name Donut Connection and most have continued to operate their shops under that name. In 1999, we sold our Dunkin Donuts franchise and store.
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    Re: Mister Donut 2015/08/31 22:16:20 (permalink)
    The Donut Connection store is still there.  I stopped a year or two ago.  Wish I could have met you when you were there.
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