Money Cake?

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2004/04/27 23:14:28 (permalink)

Money Cake?

Anyone ever have a money cake?

I vaguely remember having one when I was a child at a friend's birthday. Coins were inside the cake, and you got to keep the coins you found in your slice. No, nobody ever choked on the coins! At five years old, you're very careful if you think there might be hidden treasure (a whole DIME even!) waiting for you.

I'd like to make one for my kids' birthdays. What I can't remember is, how were the coins put in the cake? I think that the coins would sink to the bottom of the batter in the pan. Also, is it enough to scrub the coins and put them in boiling water to get them clean? Any ideas?

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    RE: Money Cake? 2004/04/28 06:02:38 (permalink)
    Although they would be a little expensive now, I believe I'd use
    pre '64 silver coins (dimes, quarters) rather than the new alloy
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    RE: Money Cake? 2004/08/16 16:14:10 (permalink)
    I know when our family had monney cake we wrapped the coins in wax paper and that seemed to do the trick. As for putting the monnye in the cake try baking and when it's lmost done slide the monney in vertically. It may leave little slits but the frosting can cure that.
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    RE: Money Cake? 2004/08/16 17:12:51 (permalink)
    Reminds me of Mardi Gras King cake, except they hide a small plastic baby inside. To me, eating King cake is the best part of the celebration!
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    RE: Money Cake? 2004/08/22 18:20:30 (permalink)
    Does anyone remember the Little Rascals where they baked the suprise cake? It contained treats like shoes, soap and hairbrushes.
    I once found a June bug in a cake, but never money. What an interesting idea!
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    RE: Money Cake? 2004/08/22 19:45:50 (permalink)
    My ex does money cakes now and then for the grandkids birthday celebrations. I am not fond of that practice as it occurs in our family for a couple of reasons... 1. The money is grubby. I know it isn't cleaned at all before it is stuck into the batter (yuck). I don't believe the line about the heat of baking making it safe...
    2. At least with some of the older grandkids, I have silently watched as some of the older ones work their way thru the cake after first cuts, treating it like a row of potatoes being harvested. It basically destroys the cake to quench the greed of the kid, leaving unuseable cake looking like Strip-Mine Tailings.
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    RE: Money Cake? 2004/08/22 22:42:12 (permalink)
    Route 11
    Do you remember the oven door opening and closing as the cake baked? WHEEE..WHAAA. Sorry to everyone else for being obtuse, but it's one of those things you can't explain.
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    RE: Money Cake? 2004/08/23 15:35:15 (permalink)
    Whub, whub, whub, whub, whub...whistle...puff of flour.
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