Most Iconic Restaurant in Every State

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Re: Most Iconic Restaurant in Every State 2015/01/07 18:02:47 (permalink)
I spell that "Tarheel."

With that accent??!! " />
I have eaten at BBQ joints all up and down the East coast and I know what I like.  I do not like Pierces BBQ at all.  The meat has no smoke flavor and their sauce is so sweet, that I cannot imagine anyone calling it good.  This past summer, when my son insisted that we stop there, I had a hot dog and collard greens and my daughter in law ordered a hamburger!

Interesting...Pierce's was the only bbq place we stopped at where the pulled pork actually had some smoke flavor. true the sauce is sweet (it does remind me of Tennessee Q in that manner) but the smoke shined through. 
I recall Allman's pork was somewhat bland and lacked smoke and Buz n Ned's pulled pork just had a very weird aftertaste that just didn't agree with me.
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Re: Most Iconic Restaurant in Every State 2015/01/07 20:45:23 (permalink)
Well, I can't speak to all of them on there but Alabama's choice just happens to be my favourite BBQ restaurant. And St. Elmo's is pretty iconic for Indiana.
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Re: Most Iconic Restaurant in Every State 2015/01/08 10:26:07 (permalink)
I'm getting kind of tired of these lists of best this, best that, most this, most that. Not too long ago there was one on the oldest restaurants in each state list. In Minnesota, Pracna on Main was listed. It is now closed, BTW, as of the first of the year. I was totally puzzled by that one. Turns out there was a restaurant in the building in 1890 when it was built but more likely a saloon. It closed in 1919 with prohibition. After that the building was a mattress factory amongst other ventures but never a restaurant. Then a contemporary architect I knew opened a restaurant and called it Pracna on Main in 1973 when the area was going through renewal and baby boomer gentrification. I think there must be idiots holed up in editorial offices somewhere in places like NYC making this stuff up from Google searches and everyone eats it up.
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