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RE: My Favorite 2003/05/08 15:32:50 (permalink)
My favorite is what I call a bar roast beef sandwich. They're hard to find nowadays so I look for a shot-and-beer taproom that was upgraded in the 60's or 70's to Ye Olde XX. The bartender will slice slabs of barely warm round roast sitting in a stainless steel harness behind the bar and pile it on an oval hard roll, then ladle a little of the juice on it. He shoves a jar of really hot horseradish over to spread on the roll. It tastes even better if they have frosted mugs for the beer.
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RE: My Favorite 2003/05/08 15:41:43 (permalink)
Best sandwich-- white hamburg roll, mayo, capers, and a pan fried softshell crab (we used to call these tarantula sanwiches because the legs hang out of the bun). Also good limberger on rye with red onion! When I was a vegetarian I loved french bread with brie, red onion, alfalfa sprouts, avocado, lettuce and vinagrette.
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RE: My Favorite 2003/05/08 15:44:42 (permalink)
My top 5 not necessarily in order except #1.

1. Pastrami and Corned Beef at the Carnegie Deli NYC
2. Kolbassi and Cheese at Primanti Bros Pittsburgh PA
3. Cheese Steak at Rex Style Pizza Philadelphia PA
4. Italian Beef with Giardinara at Mr Beef Chicago
5. Clam Roll at Iggy's Doughboys Warwick RI
Junior Burger
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RE: My Favorite 2003/05/08 15:50:56 (permalink)
Cheeseburger. Fat and juicy.
Peanut butter and sweet pickles when I was a kid.
I've had the turkey/cranberry sauce too...yummy.
Subway veggie with honey mustard sauce.

Double Chili Cheeseburger
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RE: My Favorite 2003/05/08 18:00:55 (permalink)
First, two lousy ones.

My sainted Granny was enamored of a mixture that started with Smucker's Goober and Grape (you know--peanut butter and grape jelly swirled together in the jar) spread thickly on white bread, topped with two thick slices of bologna. Just the mention of "Goober grape and boloney" could even make my grandfather a bit queasy, but Granny would only answer, "Oh you don't know what good is!"

My coworker Brian is enamored of Peanut Butter, pickles, cheese, Miracle Whip, and barbecue sauce on white. I am shuddering even as I type this.

My favorite has to be excellent corned beef and swiss, sliced thin, and piled high atop excellent light rye, with Gulden's mustard and a LOT of fresh horseradish. And if you've got a latke and a Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray soda, so much the better.
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RE: My Favorite 2003/05/08 19:23:14 (permalink)

My 3 faves:
- Cajun turkey, bacon and swiss with cole slaw on an onion bagel (a little sloppy but great).

- Shrimp po boy with either whatever it is thats in a muffaletta, or olive tapenade with any good hot sauce (I like Pick-A-Peppa).

I think I invented both (no one else wacko enough to try these combo's).

- After Thanksgiving wrap at the Wood Road Deli in Braintree, MA. This is real turkey chunks, stuffing and cranberry sauce with whatever salad stuff you want in whatever flavor of wrap you want; I like jalapeno!
Double Cheeseburger
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RE: My Favorite 2003/05/08 20:26:33 (permalink)
There is a local butcher shop here in town that takes a standard Boars Head roast beef,and s-l-o-w roasts it in a ncient oven...until it comes out so tender that it literally melts in yer mouth...makes such an incredible sandwich...
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RE: My Favorite 2003/05/09 19:38:39 (permalink)

jmckee - Can you give me any more info on Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray Soda ?

Double Chili Cheeseburger
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RE: My Favorite 2003/05/10 11:49:10 (permalink)
Originally posted by bumper

jmckee - Can you give me any more info on Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray Soda ?


Dr. Brown's is, I gather, an originally northeastern sodapop manufacturer, known for superb creme soda and root beer. Cel-Ray Soda is a sodapop for which the prime (non-sugar) flavoring ingredient is actually celery. It looks like a very pale ginger ale, but is slightly sweet with, swear to gosh, a bit of a celery seed flavor in the aftertaste. It's really, realy refreshing. I don't know where you live, but there are a number of places online to buy small-company sodapops.....If you haven't tried Cel-Ray, I strongly urge it.
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RE: My Favorite 2003/06/09 00:07:22 (permalink)
I love a good Reuben. I have to admit that I like ketchup on them. Not as easy to find here in Va as in Ny though, I think mainly because of the lack of diners here.

Another is liverwurst and onion on rye with mustard and mayo.

Love a good ham sandwich with thick slices off a baked ham -"city" or country ham.

Lately I've wanted baloney and american cheese on wheat with mayo and mustard, occasionally with lettuce.

I'd add a hamburger and barbecue sandwich but they seem to be in a different category to me.
Filet Mignon
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RE: My Favorite 2003/06/09 11:21:52 (permalink)
I'll second the Reuben but boy, you sure can get some weird variations. I've a white sauce on them, yellow cheese, and uncooked onions The worst was the bar across the street from work had it for their special one day and when we called in our order they informed us they had no rye bread and would wheat be OK? A sacriledge!
Lone Star
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RE: My Favorite 2003/06/09 11:52:59 (permalink)
No one has posted the best sandwich-----The PATTYMELT!

I will order it anywhere, but the best can be found at the Yale pharmacy, which is luckily close to my work.

It is an old pharmacy, complete with booths, counter stools in orang and shiny silver. The work area behind the counter makes the workers look short because it slopes downward, the way many old drug store counters did.

The patty melt is a large burger pattie grilled with a fistful of onions and swiss on rye, all grilled togther. Order it with a half and half order of hand cut fries and onion rings and Oh. my. Gosh.

If you really want to be bad, order a vanilla shake or malt. It comes to you in a large soda fountain glass with the remainer in the silver container it was mixed in.

It is getting close to lunchtime....hmmmm.......
Double Cheeseburger
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RE: My Favorite 2003/06/09 12:19:53 (permalink)
I love the Pattymelt !!!

The only place I can find around where I live to get a good Pattymelt is Waffle House !!!
Julia I
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RE: My Favorite 2003/06/09 12:23:44 (permalink)
I couldn't possibly decide what my favorite sandwich is, it changes day to day.

In honor of this thread, though, I have to mention one of the best deli sandwich places that I know. It's the Full Belli Deli, inside Koppa's Foods, a tiny, family-owned grocery store on the east side of Milwaukee. Although they will make up whatever sandwich you want, they have a long list that you can choose from. They have great names, and they taste great, too. My favorite is the Stralkowski, a combination of thin sliced turkey, cheese, tomato, sprouts (not bean sprouts, the little thin ones) and cranberry mustard made by a local business, tucked into a gyro-style folded pita and grilled on the deli grill. Then they wrap it up in white paper to go with a little candy treat tucked inside. Ummmm!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
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RE: My Favorite 2003/06/09 12:56:00 (permalink)
Unfortunately the only place near me that has patty melts is Friendly's. I used to stop on the way home from work & get one for dinner on an occasion. Then one night I stopped & got a reuben & a little something extra (food poisoning!) trust me I haven't been back since.
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RE: My Favorite 2003/06/09 14:21:16 (permalink)
Mark me down for a great reuben, best sandwich there is.
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RE: My Favorite 2003/06/19 10:11:52 (permalink)
Anybody know where I can get Taylor Pork Roll down south. I always have to get it in markets in the NE, but I don't eat enough of it to justify a big roll. Great sandwich, fried Taylor Pork Roll with cheese, mustard, and sweet relish on a grilled bun.
Filet Mignon
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RE: My Favorite 2003/06/19 13:21:10 (permalink)
#1----pastrami and chopped liver
#2----Oyster Po'boy
#3----Pulled pork on a bun
#4----lox and cream cheese on a bialy
Any of these sandwiches makes me VERY happy!
Filet Mignon
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RE: My Favorite 2003/06/19 13:24:30 (permalink)
MMMMMMMMMM Pulled pork on a bun! Best I've in the midwest is at Walter Paytons Roundhouse in Aurora, Il. I always have to eatit with a knife and fork.
Junior Burger
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RE: My Favorite 2003/06/19 14:12:15 (permalink)
My absolute, hands down favorite sandwich is a carnitas torta....wonderful Mexican pulled pork on a freshly baked baguette with refried beans, jalapenos, avocado, lettuce and tomato. All it needs is a sprinkling of salt and a squeeze of lime and it's perfection in the hand. Mmmmmm..
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RE: My Favorite 2003/06/19 15:55:50 (permalink)
Don't even have to leave the house for my favorite. I like a BLT made by my own hand, particularly during the summer tomato season. No aspect of food gives me more of an anticipatory sensation than the smell of bacon being fried.
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RE: My Favorite 2003/06/20 09:25:03 (permalink)
My favorites depending on circumstances:

Grilled cheese with tomato.

Liverwurst with thinly sliced onions.

Combo, Hot corned beef, pastrami, chopped liver and coleslaw on rye.
Fire Safety Admin
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RE: My Favorite 2003/06/20 09:36:05 (permalink)
In the summertime I like my BLT with fresh hot crispy Lays bacon, thick sliced Roma tomatoes and fresh garden lettuce on toast and a little mayo, salt and pepper and a cold Bud Lite

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
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RE: My Favorite 2003/06/20 10:54:55 (permalink)
My all time favorite sandwich is from an Italian deli here in the Chicagoland area called Franco's Cucina (Streamwood and Schaumberg). The sandwich is called a Turkey Italian, it is turkey breast cooked in a similar fashion to Italian Beef. A crusty roll is dipped in the juice, piles (and piles) of meat are added then they add your choice of sweet or hot peppers. This sandwich along with a side of their roasted potatoes and peppers is truly an orgasmic experience.
Hiram Callahan
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RE: My Favorite 2003/06/20 12:05:15 (permalink)
This one is--you'll be shocked--from college. I was going to school on the Main Line near Philadelphia, and there was a 24-hour WaWa with a grill.

We came up with: warm roast beef with pepperoni cheese*, grilled onions, mustard and horseradish on a kaiser roll. As my mother might say, "It's one of those things it's a miracle we survived."

*This was processed American cheese with bits of pepperoni in it. When the heat from the beef and onions softened it up, it was transcendent.
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RE: My Favorite 2003/07/21 15:30:34 (permalink)
A sandwich I enjoy is from Cheeseburger in Paradise and its jerk chicken w/fried sweet red peppers & provolone cheese on a chewy roll. It comes with sweet potato chips that hit the spot. Its located on the southside of Indianapolis on I/S 65 at the Southport exit.
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RE: My Favorite 2003/07/21 17:39:13 (permalink)
Chicken salad on an onion roll with lettuce and red onions.

Tuna salad in a pita with cheddar cheese.

Pickle Pimemto loaf on white bread.

Barbecued chicken on a bun with melted cheddar.

Double Cheeseburger
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RE: My Favorite 2003/07/21 20:12:18 (permalink)
Agree with Jennifer4; there is no way to select one single favorite sandwich. My favorites would include:
-my mother's chicken salad on toasted white
-my ham, turkey, or ham & turkey (all with cheese) from a leftover ham or turkey & on rye or any dark bread
-any good Hot Brown from Kentucky or southern Indiana
-hamburger or cheeseburger from Phillips Groc., Holly Springs, MS, or from Port-of-Call, New Orleans
-Italian Beef on roll from now defunct Rusty's Drive In of Mt. Vernon, IL
-hot pastrami on rye from any place which knows how to make a good one
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RE: My Favorite 2003/09/18 14:26:22 (permalink)
Favorite sandwiches not in any order

1) Taylor ham and cheese with salt pepper and ketchup on a hard roll.
in the deli I go to the words salt pepper and ketchup are rolled in to one word saltpepperketchup!

2) A number 1 or Italian sub, ham salami provolone lettuce tomato and onion on a sub roll with oil and vinegar dressing

3) Roast beef on a hard roll with butter and mustard

4) Hot pastrimi on rye with mustard

5) Fresh Jersey tomato slices on white bread with mayo (salt on the tomato and pepper on the mayo)
Filet Mignon
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RE: My Favorite 2003/09/18 15:26:19 (permalink)
Originally posted by Jennifer_4

To pick only one sandwich? impossible! I could eat sandwiches for every single meal, and of course, I married a sandwich hater!

Me too!--to paraphrase Will Rogers--"I never met a sandwich I didnt like!"---Love Ruebens,Corned beef,Pastrami,Balogna and cheese on white,PB and J,PB-cheese and onion with mayo,Fried eggplant and Muester with Russian dressing--thats a killer,Itakian sausage and peppers!!!!Arrg--only one---could never pick!!
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