My Free Kettlecorn

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2006/10/04 11:06:13 (permalink)

My Free Kettlecorn

I had purchased Popcorn, Indiana Authentic All Natural Kettlecorn Popcorn (whew, what a name) at our local Walgreen's last week and found it to be the best kettlecorn in a bag that I have ever eaten. To me, it tasted like the kettle corn that you get at street fairs, etc. Very crunchy, crispy and just the right amount of sugar and salt. I have been back twice and purchased more bags. I logged on to their website and emailed them to tell them that I enjoyed their product. Well, about 4 days later I received a box with 2 free 12 oz. bags. What a surprise and joy. The bags that I had purchased at Walgreen's were only 6 oz. bags that I paid $1.98 each for.

Goes to show that if you enjoy a product (or don't enjoy it), speak up and you may get freebies.

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    RE: My Free Kettlecorn 2006/10/04 11:11:16 (permalink)
    I love when that happens....I am happy to email or call manufacturers and let them know what I think and it usually pays off in the form of coupons for free stuff.
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    RE: My Free Kettlecorn 2006/10/04 12:18:49 (permalink)

    ====Goes to show that if you enjoy a product (or don't enjoy it), speak up and you may get freebies.====

    It does work both ways. I bought some Coca Cola products where even though the cans were perfectly sealed, they were half filled and flat.
    I wrote to them about it and received coupons good for a case of their soda.

    My best story about free food products is one of my best. I was working at a food expo and directly across from the Hershey chocolates booth. I got to talking to them and the next day I brought in a copy of the original Hershey's cookbook that I got from my grandmother. When they saw it, they were amazed at how pristine it was, saying that it was museum quality. I said that was easily explained, as granny did not cook that much, well desserts at least.
    I told them that though I was a chef and not a baker or pastry chef, I did like trying to play with making desserts too.
    Within that week, I received every single product -ever- produced by Hershey, and I mean everything. Each item was at least a pound. It did take me forever to use up the 5lbs of cocoa powder...

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    RE: My Free Kettlecorn 2006/10/04 19:55:12 (permalink)
    Neat stories yall!

    I had an un opened Dr. Pepper bottel w/ a rat in it when I was a teenager. I didn't have sense enough to keep it and threw it away, daaa!
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