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2018/02/27 19:41:03 (permalink)

My homemade shave ice trailer

Aloha from Canada!
Haven't posted here for quite some time (actually totally forgot about this forum lol), but I've read some great info so decided to contribute a bit.
I currently own a Hawaiian BBQ mobile catering business, and all summer long we go to different festivals and parties. The short summers in Canada give me a lot of time to think of new ideas for the next season.

my current setup at a catered party

selling bbq at a street festival
Last year, I wanted to add a second booth selling Hawaiian Shave Ice to our business, but wanted to keep the costs down. I enjoy building my own stuff and using some creativity, so after scouring the internet I decided that I would convert an old pop up type camper to a concessions stand. After scouring the internet, I couldn't find anything that was cheap enough. One day while walking my dog I saw the perfect camper. It was small and looked like it would be towable with my small car. I knocked on the persons door, and $200 later I had my future concessions stand.

I had no clue how these things work, but I managed to get it up (after changing the rusted out cables) and started gutting it.


All clean, time to get to work.

off to the dump i go!

Thats when I realized that the roof was all rotten and basically useless. Whatta ya expect for 200 bucks LOL

I decided to come up with another plan... Build my own roof and make it look like a tiki bar.

a couple pieces of plywood & 2x4's later

Then I saw this cool thing on pinterest of a guy who did something similar and built up the walls... so I kinda took that idea

some framing inside the bar

added some nicer plywood for the countertops

a little bit of stain always makes it look nicer!

added some palm thatching to the roof

the grass skirt and banner completes the job!

and I can tow this thing with my 2007 Pontiac Vibe! I need my truck for my bbq trailer, so when we have both kiosks setup at an event, this saves me from making two trips.

Hope you enjoyed!!
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Re: My homemade shave ice trailer 2018/02/27 21:13:17 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby ricoboxing 2018/03/02 20:16:42
Great post! Nice to see someone use something as simple as a pop-up camper for a business! Good job!
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Re: My homemade shave ice trailer 2018/02/27 21:13:30 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby ricoboxing 2018/03/02 20:16:41
That is so cool!  I love seeing what you did to the camper, including the steps to get there.  I love the final result!
You'll do great!
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Re: My homemade shave ice trailer 2018/02/28 09:37:58 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby ricoboxing 2018/03/02 20:16:35
Great job taking nothing and making it into a masterpiece. You can see that you have a good talent for detail and capturing the imagination of your customers and luring them to your business with great visual appeal. Its one thing to offer Hawaiian food but you also follow it up with people thinking they are dealing with people who know about cooking authentic Hawaiian entrees. You need to first get the people to see your operation and then make them want to check it out. You have succeeded in doing that. The Huli Huli Chicken cooking on the grill is a nice touch. You have a great feel for this business. The Food stand looks great and your remodel of the camper was fantastic......Great Job......PNWCHEF
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Re: My homemade shave ice trailer 2018/04/09 14:58:48 (permalink)
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Re: My homemade shave ice trailer 2018/08/11 01:33:44 (permalink)
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Re: My homemade shave ice trailer 2018/09/18 12:00:52 (permalink)
How did you set it up to "collapse" on itself?  What kind of ice shaver did you use?
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