My staff smells like cigarrette smoke

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Re:My staff smells like cigarrette smoke 2011/10/27 20:56:46 (permalink)
Not really. I made a mistake last December and bought a used car owned by a smoker. Here it is in late October and I still smell the odor. I detailed the car completely with vinegar, baking soda, thorough cleaning of every nook and crevice, etc. a few times now. It still bothers me. Believe me it is hard to eliminate the odor. I know I'll never buy another used car again if I detect a smoke odor.
My mother is long gone so that is not an issue I have to deal with anymore in the house.
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Re:My staff smells like cigarrette smoke 2011/10/27 21:24:39 (permalink)

A pack of Marlboro is 8 bucks and change here. If you drive out to the reservation about 45 min from here, a carton is $55

Cigarette Sales outlets on the Reservations around here is big business and they allow smoking in the Casinos. Apparently there's a phycological connect between smoking and gambling. Must be a Self-Destruction Death Wish Syndrome!
Just found this:
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Re:My staff smells like cigarrette smoke 2011/10/27 21:56:43 (permalink)
mayor al  I've never been a smoker, but I have to say that I've lived thru all the years that "smoking at the dinner-table or in a restaurant" was an accepted habit.  Then the the years of " Smoking or Non-Smoking" table choices in restaurants. Now the No Smoking sign is up in most of the places we go.  It has only been in the past few years that I seem to have become more sensitive to the 'used tobacco odor' that remains after smoking has happened in the area. I can't explain my new-found distaste for that odor...since for 60 years or so I paid it no attention at all.

its all a matter of perspective...... if things were now as they were 30 years ago, well..... it wouldnt even be a second thought for 95% of those out there....
i for one am a smoker, a fairly heavy one, but i dont smoke when im cooking, and i hate smoke when i am eating(fresh or stale) but get me in a bar, and a couple of beers under my belt, and i am a chimney, lol
the smell of smoke on my hands always bothered me, to be honest, i dont ever remember smelling smoke from someone elses hands, but i dont think i would enjoy it...... and the strong smell of smoke on someones clothes is terrible, lol, first thought i have is oohh damn, i hope i dont smell like that to someone else.....
but, you will never find me smoking in enclosed spaces(car/broom closet/bathroom) without some decent ventilation, and i do mean DECENT.... if i have to stand or sit in a cloud of my own smoke i will wait until later, lol.....
what pisses me off the most is people who think i actually give a crap about how they smell to me from 10 feet away and bath in cologne or cheap perfume......i reckon those people will be next on the "chopping block" lol
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Re:My staff smells like cigarrette smoke 2011/10/28 00:31:57 (permalink)
I too, for many years have been totally turned off, especially when I am eating, by the person who "douses" themselves in strong-smelling perfume or cologne.  I can lose my appetite very quickly if I can smell one of them at the next table, and I am all ready to walk out if it is my waitress/waiter who is the guilty one. 

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