NYC Subway Candy!

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RE: NYC Subway Candy! 2005/08/17 18:27:55 (permalink)
Originally posted by NYNM

Do you know the "circa" of these streetcars? I grew up in Brooklyn in the 50's and I remember them being a lighter more yellowish green....
(PS Keep up the nostalgia!)

For the color (I think a bit faded) of a genuine NY subway train, see .
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RE: NYC Subway Candy! 2005/09/07 20:12:08 (permalink)
I was never much of a candy eater, even as a kid, so what I remember from Subway vending machines as a kid in the 50's was the penny gum. In particular the "fruit" flavor. I'm sure it was never within 50 miles of a piece of fruit, but that's what it was called.

Someone mentioned those unprotected subway fans. A co worker of mine has a scar on his forehead from being wacked by one of those 50+ years ago when he was a kid. Imagine the lawsuits today.

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RE: NYC Subway Candy! 2005/09/07 22:31:21 (permalink)
Originally posted by BT

Originally posted by Tedbear

What I do remember from the '50s were what we used to call "trolley-buses"--a bus, with rubber tires, that was powered by overhead electric wires. I seem to recall seeing the same sort of thing in SF, in addition to the aforementioned Streetcars.

Yes, SF has lots of them because SF gets essentially free electricity from O'Shaughnessy Dam/Hetch Hetchy Resevoir in the Sierras to run the system. Also, the electric trolleys are much better than diesel busses at climbing hills. I mentioned in another thread I have had to get out (along with all the other passengers) of a diesel bus and walk to the top of a hill so that the bus could make it up, but that doesn't happen with the electrics.

BT, I know that it is off topic, but I would love to are the famous "twins" doing in SF? Are they still alive? I remember when I lived in Berkeley, and took public transportation in SF, I always enjoyed seeing these identical, and identically dressed, twins come on board the busses that I would take...they must have been in their seventies/eighties at least when I was in the Bay Area in the late nineties..are they still around?
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RE: NYC Subway Candy! 2011/05/05 02:38:14 (permalink)
have you try to contact Locksmith?
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