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Michael Stern
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Re:Name This Weenie 2010/04/25 17:35:08 (permalink)

No, no... it's a Blini Weinie!

Since a ploye is a buckwheat crepe, Blini Weinie -- or maybe Bleenee Weenee -- would be a good name for this if the people in Aroostook County decide to start a franchise!
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Re:Name This Weenie 2010/04/25 20:32:34 (permalink)


I was planning to correct you folks on the name of the song since I always remembered it as "Floozie" instead of "Floogie", so I looked it up to make sure I was remembering it right. 

According to Wikipedia, "The original song (a 1938 jazz song, originally written and performed by Slim Gaillardwas called "Flat Foot Floozie", with the 'floy-floy' being slang for a venereal disease. The word 'floozie' was changed into 'floogie' to allow it be to played on the radio."  I guess we were all correct, but I was just remembering the original version.

And I guess "flat feet" is pretty much an occupational hazard; much like a beat cop.

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