New England Food Recap

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2003/07/06 10:11:45 (permalink)

New England Food Recap

No breakfasts are included, because we did the B & B thing---that allowed for a bigger food budget...and lobster!!!

Goulash Place, Danbury CT. Creamy Cucumber Salad, excellent Transylvanian Goulash (pork and sauerkraut) with little noodles---magnificent gravy. Great atmosphere, charming service. Nice little hole in the wall.

Baxter's Boathouse---Hyannis, MA. On-the water fried clam shack, a few blocks from the Kennedy compound. Fried (whole belly) clams were excellent. Clam fritters in honey were tasty. The wife's clam chowder was above average. Note: clams much more expensive here than anywhere else.

Four Seas---Centerville, MA Cranberry sherbet and chocolate almond in a dish. Homemade---all the way! Best ice cream ever!!!!!!

Misaki---Hyannis, MA. Very good sushi, the wife lucked out with the Misaki roll (tuna, salmon and whitefish in a creamy sauce---the meal's highlight). I ordered the regular sushi platter.

The Newes from America---Edgartown (Martha's Vineyard), MA. Excellent fish and chips, which we doused with vinegar and tartar (the best way to eat fries) plus microbrew made for a tasty surprise lunch!

Four Seas again for dinner (hot fudge sundaes!)

Chauncey Creek Lobster---near Kittery, ME. Mussels with Butter and Garlic (yummy) and the best "fish" chowder ever. Great on-the river seating.

Haraseeket Lunch and Lobster---near Freeport, ME. Our first lobster roll, this one with mayo (great!) and yummy onion rings. They were out of whoopie pie, so we went for Shain's of Maine Ice Cream (simple, delicious vanilla).

Clam Shack---Kennebunkport. The best lobster roll (with butter) ever (though I'm not an expert). Eat by the bridge (no seating) and keep it away from the seagulls. Simple, but heavenly!

Hurricane's---Kennebunkport, ME. Upscale restaurant for dinner. Got mussels again (more fancy---but yummy) and cioppino (a seafood stew) that was just a little too seasoned. Incredible scallops.

Clam Shack again. Lobster roll with mayo (just as good!). Still hungry...

Flo's, York, ME. Waited 45 minutes for two hot dogs and the secret hot sauce (which was kind of like a brown sweet and sour sauce). I much preferred the mayo to the mustard. Flo is something special! Her daughter in law was running the place all by herself and gabbing a mile a minute!

Mystic Pizza, Mystic, CT. Tourist trap? Yes! Pizza better than expected, but I've had hundreds better.

Go Fish, Mystic, CT. Kitchen Little was closed. So-so salmon burger, good fries. Chain like atmosphere.

Abbott's Lobster in the Rough, Mystic, CT. The Mrs. swears her lobster roll was just as good as the Clam Shack's. I got the whole lobster (with my bib!). Delicious! Fishy, but getting better with each bite clam chowder.

Lenny and Joe's Fish Tale, Westbrook, CT. Whole bellied clams and fries, the wife went with another lobster roll. The clams were good but they were a little squishy.

So, Four Seas and the Clam Shack were the obvious "winners", since we went twice---but there were lots of great eats all around.

On the vacation side, Martha's Vineyard was a nice day trip (beautiful homes and beaches--but the two hour ferry a little too boring), Kennebunkport charming...but a touch snooty, and Mystic a cute little place to spend a day or two---but they had no fireworks on the 4th of July!?!?! It was nice to slow down...and a joy to chow down!

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    RE: New England Food Recap 2003/07/06 11:37:06 (permalink)
    Thanks for your reviews. As some of you may know, I'm going on my honeymoon with JaneDough to Cape Cod, Kennebunkport, Bar Harbor, and Vermont in August. We plan on hitting a few of the places you mentioned. Am looking forward to the trip soooo much!!
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    RE: New England Food Recap 2003/07/06 12:04:57 (permalink)
    Cheesewit, the two of you will have a wonderful time. New England is very romantic---the country inns are remarkable and the food is a seafood lover's paradise!
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    RE: New England Food Recap 2003/07/06 12:10:16 (permalink)
    Cioppino was, I believe, invented in San Francisco and to this day it is best eaten there. We've made it at home with varying success - a Hell of a lot of work and it always winds up very spicy , but never with the balance found in its place of origin.
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