New Plastic Cookware

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2005/01/19 09:10:11 (permalink)

New Plastic Cookware

I am very interested in some new cookware that I have seen advertised on TV. It includes an assortment of almost every size that you would need including muffin pans. Its main advantages are several: 1: It handles temps up to 500F. 2: It claims to be truly non stick. 3: It is flexible meaning that you remove anything in it by merely bending the sides. 4: It claims instant clean up. There were several other advantages that I cannot recall but one of them was that the edges did not burn.

I am interested if anyone else has seen these advertisments and if so, I would appreciate your thoughts. It does not seem so expensive and I am seriously considering adding this to my inventory of pans that stick and need serious cleaning after the cooking event.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN

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    RE: New Plastic Cookware 2005/01/19 09:25:49 (permalink)
    If it is silicone bakeware, we have some and really like it. Easy cleanup, non-stick, stores well because it can even be rolled up and it bounces back into shape. Of course, it must be put on a pan or cookie sheet, because it is floppy.
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    RE: New Plastic Cookware 2005/01/19 09:26:51 (permalink)
    Paul, they sell it at Target, Wal+Mart etc. It is actually silicone, and has been used in commercial kitchens for years. I got some for Christmas, made by Kitchenaid, but have not yet used it. I have not seen it on TV. To see the stuff in action, stop by any Subway sandwich shop. The tray lines that they cook the bread in is the same stuff
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    RE: New Plastic Cookware 2005/01/19 09:28:42 (permalink)
    I received some silicone bakeware for Christmas this year. Thus far I have only used the cookie sheet but I have been happy with the results. You definately want to use a timer because the cookie edges do not brown the same as on a metal pan. My square cake pan came with a wire support frame which makes it easier to handle when full of batter so you may be on the lookout for that. I think the loaf pans are self-supporting.
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    RE: New Plastic Cookware 2005/01/19 12:36:21 (permalink)
    The only problem with it I've encountered is that the flexibility requires some other kind of support. If you fill a large rectangular silicon pan with cake batter, you can't simply pick it up and put it in the oven--it would be a floppy mess. You have to put it on a cookie sheet or something, then pick the whole thing up. In the case of regular round cake pans, I got some metal cake pans of a slightly larger size and put my silicon ones inside them.
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