New York Old Fashion (Just Bagels)

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Re:New York Old Fashion Bagels, the best 2010/08/27 22:37:50 (permalink)


I grew up in NYC and I don't care what you put on it, nothing, I repeat, nothing, beats a NYC bagel!

NYC bagels don't even come close to Montreal style bagels in the flavour/texture department.
If you are ever in Montreal try them at  Fairmont Bagel on Fairmont Ave. or my favourite La Maison du Bagel on St. Viateur St. 

Sorry, Fairmount (yes, with a U) is better than La Maison du Bagel; evidently, St. Viateur uses less salt in its dough, which gives it a blander taste and texture.
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Re:New York Old Fashion Bagels, the best 2010/08/28 07:24:53 (permalink)

Have you visited Hot Bagels in Margate yet? They also have a store in Northfield.

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Re:New York Old Fashion Bagels, the best 2010/08/30 10:41:47 (permalink)


As an ex-NYer now living in central FL, I had just about given up on finding any decent bagels in this area. Then I found Ray's New York Bagels in the frozen food section of Publix Supermarkets. You have to bake them for 6-7 minutes & they come out crunchy on the outside & chewy on the inside. Not the best bagel I've ever tasted, but I've had worse when I lived in the NYC area. Their website has a "Where to Buy" section that lets you see where to find them in your state.

Now if these guys could just do something similar with a NYC Hard Roll!

Ray doesn't make his own bagels, He buys them from Just Bagels and has them packaged under his name. You have to try this bagel fresh to appreciate how good it is. Fresh Direct is one of the many high end out lets in NYC that gets it delivered fresh daily...

Considering how good they taste after being frozen, they must be a real treat when fresh.
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Re:New York Old Fashion Bagels, the best 2013/04/30 16:10:13 (permalink)
Wow, a few years later and I accidentally came across this post on google, brings back fond memories of my favorite bagel. At this point I buy 4 doz bagels a month from just bagels in the bronx via the internet and have gotten into all kinds of sandwiches using the bagels.
I love tuna on salt or everything bagels with loads of mayo. Of course all breakfast sandwiches area a natural.
A good crispy bacon with thinly sliced Boars head ham with tomato and loads of mayo is a killer, love it...
I really don't think you can beat a great old fashion ny bagel, it goes with almost everything. I also love cinnamon raisin with cream cheese and chives or scallions...
I just became really hungry just talking about themmm... gotta go...
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Re:New York Old Fashion Bagels, the best 2013/04/30 20:31:12 (permalink)
One of my favorite breakfast sandwiches is Taylor ham and cheese on a sesame or poppy seeded bagel! If I'm going the cream cheese route, I like scallion or chive cream cheese on any kind of bagel or cream cheese, smoked salmon, thin sliced tomato and very thin sliced onion, again on almost any kind of bagel.
We do have a Panera across from where I work and I do love their Asiago cheese bagel with butter but I don't really consider that a real NY style bagel.
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Re:New York Old Fashion Bagels, the best 2013/05/01 07:56:28 (permalink)
Agnesrob, I'll second your Breakfast sandwich....I always order Pork Roll, egg, and cheese on a REAL sesame seed bagel.....Great.  Pork roll is a real east  coast gem....I can't imagine a breakfast sandwich without it.
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Re:New York Old Fashion Bagels, the best 2013/05/01 08:29:00 (permalink)
Pancho~FINALLY, we have a wonderful bagel place here in Madison. Everyone else should pack their bags and go home. These are the real things.
I'm sure those are some great bagels and next time I visit my mom in Madison, I'll be sure to check them out. When I crave a great bagel, I head to Skokie, IL to NY Bagel and Bialys. That said, your bagel place's name struck me funny after I read about the complaints of adding genoa salami to them. Got Ham Bagels.
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Re:New York Old Fashion Bagels, the best 2013/05/09 22:00:57 (permalink)
Some places have wonderful bagels...but don't build great Breakfast sandwiches.

It all comes together quite nicely at Bagelicious in Matawan NJ...

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