Non-steak steak house entrees

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2005/11/02 00:55:28 (permalink)

Non-steak steak house entrees

So today I met a colleague for a late lunch at Keen's Chop House in NYC and had their traditional mutton chop. I hadn't been here in years and it was every bit as delicious as I remembered. Plus you can't beat a bar with about 70 brands of scotch and 20 different gins.

It got me thinking what other non-beef/steak steakhouse items I would order, and I'm not having much luck. I miserable foray into pork chops at the Palm makes me all the more trepidatious. Anyone have any thoughts?

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    RE: Non-steak steak house entrees 2005/11/02 10:26:54 (permalink)
    I usually don't order non-steak entrees because when I go to a steakhouse I want steak. The Ringside here in Portland.has good hamburgers and pan-fried oysters on their bar menu which can be a pretty good bargain.
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    RE: Non-steak steak house entrees 2005/11/02 10:53:11 (permalink)
    When I go to the The Top steakhouse in Columbus I usually order the veal chop. It's huge, and it is wonderful. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of the steaks at this old-time, traditional steakhouse.I can get good steaks in lots of places, but that veal chop -- oh, my. Oh, and unlike many other steakhouses all steaks and chops at The Top come with a salad and potato.
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    RE: Non-steak steak house entrees 2005/11/02 12:04:56 (permalink)

    Nowadays, many steak houses have a nice Ahi-grade Tuna steak on the menu. That is what I usually order.
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    RE: Non-steak steak house entrees 2005/11/02 12:29:01 (permalink)
    My wife pretty much always orders the fish steak, which is usually salmon, tuna, sword and the like.

    Sometimes, I'll get lamb. i.e. rack of lamb.

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    RE: Non-steak steak house entrees 2005/11/02 12:52:08 (permalink)

    We used to stop at an Outback now and then. The Coconut Shrimp are great, and enjoying a couple of orders of them while sitting at the bar with an icy mug of some brew would make for a nice lite supper.
    When we did order off the menu, I liked the Rack of Lamb. At first they served it grilled 'whole', meaning the block of 7 or 8 ribs in a 'rack. Then some Bozo in the office decided to cut the Rack into double ribs and serve 6(3 sets of 2) as the entree. Well setting aside the portion size cut, the doubles were impossible to get any less done than Medium Well. Shortly after this move the Rack of Lamb disappeared from all the menus . Combining the obvious Bean-Counter decisionmaking, I didn't much care for the instant intimate friend image the servers were trained to give a customer when they sat down with the customer to discuss the choices for the day. I like the Shrimp and Beer, but our dining days are over at Outback.
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    RE: Non-steak steak house entrees 2005/11/02 13:01:23 (permalink)
    Two things I liked at the Outback that was on the dinner menu. I always enjoyed their fish and porterhouse steak. I also did the coconut shrimp for a appetizer. Their salad is always cold and tasty and I like their dressings for the salad.

    It seems like they started cooking their steaks different. They have a crust on them now where they did not use to. I do not understand that??? They seem to cook them just right but the crust does something I do not like.

    Paul E. Smith
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