Normal Breakfast

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RE: Normal Breakfast 2004/06/04 20:13:32 (permalink)
Weekdays, whatever is leftover from some night before, and coffee. Sat or Sun, or both, full English brekkie: 2 or 3 eggs scrambled, sausage, beans, tomatoes, toast with a pot of marmalade, Peets Earl Grey Tea.
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RE: Normal Breakfast 2004/06/04 22:45:30 (permalink)
breakfast. if I have to go to work, plain yogurt,toast with butter, and most definitely coffee. if it's tuesday, and i'm not working there's a local diner..... the tuesday special is 1/2 and order of biscuits and gravy, served up with minced ham and eggs, and most definitely coffee.
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RE: Normal Breakfast 2004/06/09 23:30:16 (permalink)
More often than not I sleep right through breakfast and go right on to lunch, but when I'm up I will eat cereal or waffles with butter, syrup and whipped cream.

On Saturdays I sometimes get Einstein bagels, plain or blueberry w/cream cheese.

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RE: Normal Breakfast 2004/06/12 20:54:50 (permalink)
Used to be an egg sandwich with sausage and cheese and a large coffee with vanilla cream...then I went to it is protein shake/smoothie, made with 100% whey powder, flaxseed oil, and frozen peaches. I've lost 20 pounds in 7 weeks.

Bummer...sure miss those egg sandwiches.
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RE: Normal Breakfast 2004/06/22 13:00:11 (permalink)
What I consume: Usually a latte or a cafe au lait, depending on what's available, how broke I am and how long the line at Starbucks is, plus a muffin or croissant or some such.
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RE: Normal Breakfast 2004/07/31 23:09:23 (permalink)
Originally posted by lleechef

Coffee or tea or Diet Coke.

I'll have spam spam spam spam spam spam spam baked beans spam spam spam and spam.
Bloody vikings.

Mrs Bun: Have you got anything without spam in it?
Waitress: Well, spam, egg, sausage and spam. That's not got much spam in it.
Vikings: Lovely spam, wonderful spam...
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RE: Normal Breakfast 2004/08/01 23:12:57 (permalink)
Growing up my standard breakfast was either poached egg on buttered toast with coffee, or scrambled eggs on jelly toast with coffee...

These days my favorite is a waffle sandwich, made from Special K Waffles, a soysage patty, fat free cheese, eggbeaters, and a smidgen of honey.. 250 calories, 3.5 grams of fat.
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RE: Normal Breakfast 2004/08/05 15:56:40 (permalink)
Lately when I want eggs, I crack and whip some in a small old gravy boat, add some 2 0/0 milk, onions, cheese,peppers or what I have handy and pop into the nuker for a non fried omlett.
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RE: Normal Breakfast 2004/09/26 23:13:20 (permalink)
Weekdays we eat cereal in my house or a bagel with cream cheese, or toast with either butter and honey or peanut butter and preserves. It seems like everyone in my house likes a different cereal for breakfast. My husband eats grits or oatmeal, my middle daughter is on a apple cinnamon instant oatmeal kick, my youngest daughter is on a kick with some cereal that has lots of dried fruit in it and I currently like plain cheerios with fat free milk and splenda. Weekends we have pancakes with sausage usually on Saturday and on Sunday we have scrambled eggs with cheese, homemade hashbrowns, bacon or sausage and either biscuits or cinnamon rolls (from a can). And on the weekends, breakfast is never served before noon
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RE: Normal Breakfast 2004/09/27 15:57:36 (permalink)
granola bars crunched mixed into yogurt.

mini ritz bits with peanut butter.


eggo brand frozen waffles (not eaten frozen though)

cold pizza

cheese and pretzels

trail mix (from Sam's)

egg salad sandwich (if you ask nicely at Tim Horton's they'll make it for you, otherwise, brought from home)

usually it something that has some protein in it, or I get crabby and hungry about 10am.
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RE: Normal Breakfast 2004/10/16 18:27:04 (permalink)
Originally posted by pogophiles

Steel-cut Oatmeal
Coffee or Diet Mountain Dew

Pogophiles-do you like the steel cut oatmeal? I bought some the other day and haven't tried it yet. Any special techniques or do you just follow the pkg instructions and hope for the best?.....and it is interesting all the soft drinks that show up here as a breakfast food. My husband would feel right at home, he has to have a diet coke or he can't even begin to get out of bed!
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RE: Normal Breakfast 2004/10/16 18:40:11 (permalink)
Forgot this part...
I like, well coffee first thing (strong coffee)
then grape nuts if I'm in a cereal mood (no, my DH, grape nuts are not little rocks in milk; you have to let them soak a bit till they are the right consistency.)
french toast with real maple syrup if it's an off work day and I have time to cook. Smoked sausage patties if Mr. Delozier has some at the next farmer's market. Pancake Pantry sweet potato pancakes if I can manage a trip to Nashville...and if I lived on the coast shrimp and grits would be an common breakfast event... Oh yes, eggs in a nest if I wake up in my mother's house.
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RE: Normal Breakfast 2004/10/16 18:46:21 (permalink)
Weekdays: a piece of fruit and either cottage cheese or toast. Sometimes oatmeal in the cold months.

Sundays: bagels and lox with coffee. A tradition in my family since before I was born. Many fond memories of going to the bakery with my dad to bring them home fresh for the family. I do the same. It ain't Sunday without it.
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RE: Normal Breakfast 2004/10/23 18:14:45 (permalink)
Most mornings buttered toast, cream cheese bagels, hash browns, broccoli, cereal, danish, or muffins. Once a week I make a big breakfast for when hubby is home for that 1 morning a week. I make bacon, eggs cooked all different ways, and hashbrowns, with toast, pankcakes, or french toast.
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RE: Normal Breakfast 2005/01/23 22:15:13 (permalink)
I love breakfast and can't imagine starting the day without it. I begin with only cup of the day....flavored with hazelnut CoffeeMate, whole-grain (I love Siebenfelder bread that Price Chopper makes) toast with butter or honey, sometimes eggs and toast, other days it's granola or hot cereal or maybe pancakes and sausages. I also enjoy having breakfast out occasionally and always have to have hash with my eggs.
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RE: Normal Breakfast 2005/02/28 00:06:01 (permalink)
My normal breakfast these days is yogurt and a piece of fruit. Cereal with sliced banana is also pretty common for me. I rarely make bacon and eggs or pancakes and sausage at home for breakfast. When I do have that for breakfast it's usually at a diner on weekends.
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RE: Normal Breakfast 2005/02/28 13:22:06 (permalink)
caffiene and nicotine!! I save the brkfast foods for late night noshin
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