Norristown, Pottstown, and Other Towns

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2009/08/12 20:58:21 (permalink)

Norristown, Pottstown, and Other Towns

I’m 3 day trips behind in my Trip Reports. This is actually a Friday trip I took about a month ago.
I was originally going to make the Golden Eagle Diner in Bristol Pa my first stop:
But unfortunately there was a massive tie-up at the NJ Turnpike South merge at Exit 8A ( a marvel of NJ Road Engineering –take the most congestion prone corridor in New Jersey, and design it so 6 lanes merge into 3 lanes at about ½ way along the route. What would they expect to happen??). So I skipped the diner for this time around and headed straight for Stop #2, Corropolese’s Bakery in Norristown Pa:
The bakery is situated in a somewhat run-down shopping strip in an industrial neighborhood, but the bakery itself is thriving, and with good reason. Terrific bakery pizza. This sort of reminded me of Senape’s Bakery pizza in Hazleton, it is sold in squares at room temperature. However (sorry you NEPA guys) I liked this pizza much better! I bought ¼ tray (=8 slices) of cheese pizza and ¼ tray of tomato pizza. For some reason ¼ tray is 8 slices, but a whole pizza is only 30 slices, but that’s the way it is. I had a few slices outside by my car, and it was terrific, just the right texture of excellent cheese and good sauce. I’m craving more even as I type this, but it’s long gone. Maybe the best bakery pizza I’ve ever had. I also bought a spinach Stromboli and a sausage Stromboli, which I saved for that nght, and these were real good too. I want to go back, soon.
OK, next stop was a 20 minute drive up US 422 and Pottstown, and Angelina’s Italian Kitchen:
I love places like this, it’s a family operation in an old house. When you enter it’s like walking into their living room. There’s a small dining room to the left and a takeout window down the old wooden hall. That’s where I headed, for a Roast Pork with Provolone and Broccoli Rabe to go.  For some reason, Angelina’s refers to it as “Italian Pulled Pork” but make no mistake, this is a classic version of a Roast Pork with Prov.  In fact it was rated best of the Philly Suburbs by Philadelphis Magazine a couple of years ago.  I don’t think it was quite the level of DiNic’s but it was dam close. I loved it. Guiltily I finished the whole thing (usually I will save a some of each food item for my wife to sample when I get home, but she was out of luck on this one).
Things were going well.  But just a mile or so down the road..not so good, at a place calling itself The Very Best:
Pennsylvania has many such café’s in the downtowns of it’s medium and small cities. This one’s been around since 1921, and seemed to be fairly busy. I just wasn’t impressed with their hot dogs. I didn’t even have to ask what brand they used, there was a half-defrosted foodservice pack of Kunzler grillers right out next to the grill. This did not inspire a whole lot of confidence in me about their food-handling standards. I bought 2 Texas Wieners to go. They were just OK, and the Sauce was not that good at all. I did save one of these for my wife, lucky girl. Anyway, it’s nice to see that places like this still exist.
Time for a little dessert. Ten or so miles north out of Pottstown on Rt 100 is Longacre’s Dairy Bar in the tiny hamlet of Barto.
This place made me happy, and not just because of the real good butter pecan cone I had. The thought of generation after generation of locals going here for over 50 years brought a smile to my face. I sat on a bench outside with my ice cream and watched the locals (mostly Moms and little kids at 3 PM on a Friday). It was nice.
OK, enough kids stuff. It was time to  have a beer. I had my sights set on Fat Jack’s Tavern in Easton Pa. Owned in part by former NY Mets Pitcher Jack Fisher. I have fond memories of him. Our lives are forever linked because he threw the first pitch ever at Shea Stadium and I watched it from the stands as a 15 year old.

The place was kind of dead on a Friday afternoon, no sign of Jack Fisher (I would have bought him a beer) and just kind of drab all around. While sipping my beer I realized that this was actually the third tavern I have been in that was owned by a former major league pitcher. There was Dorish’s Tavern outside of Wilkes Barre where Harry Dorish himself served me a beer in the early 80’s and Surkont’s Tavern in Rhode Island (Beer served by Max Surkont’s son). I reflected on the fact that there is probably no incentive these days for pitchers to own taverns after they retire with their millions of dollars.  I had a quiet beer and headed home.
If anyone is interested in further reading about Jack Fisher, I came across this somewhat poigniant NY Daily News  article from earlier this year:
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    Re:Norristown, Pottstown, and Other Towns 2009/08/13 01:42:20 (permalink)
    have been n the golden eagle numerous times - since shortly after it opened.  the food is always good there!

    it's tomato pie, not pizza :)  pie is cold; pizza hot.  corropolese has the BEST tomato pie in the area. 
    did you try any of their rolls??  also very good.
    right next to them is pyramid market - they started serving prepared foods in june - very good middle-eastern food.
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