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mayor al
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Re:Northern Idaho to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 2014/05/09 00:40:21 (permalink)
On one of your trips out or back come down to Lewiston from Moscow and follow US 12 up Lolo Pass over the Divide into Missoula, MT. This follows closely the Lewis & Clark Route over the Mountains and is not only a historic route, but absolutely beautiful as well. Read the sections of the Explorer's journals before traveling in these mountains to gain appreciation for what you will see. LoLo Hot Springs right on US 12 is a great rest stop high in the it was 210 years ago when the  Captains soaked in the hot waters there.
  I lived and worked in the college in Lewiston for a year some time ago. It was a very interesting place to visit.
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Re:Northern Idaho to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 2014/05/12 23:18:53 (permalink)
Thanks Al,
I have sent for and received all sorts of travel brochures and I must say the Lewis & Clark routes have been a point of interest after looking over all the information. There is so much that we want to see and do, good thing my son will be there for 4 yrs. One trip will not do it justice.
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Re:Northern Idaho to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 2014/05/16 11:05:47 (permalink)
Native Montanan here, if you want any good restaurant recommendations in MT let me know...
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Re:Northern Idaho to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 2015/05/22 08:40:47 (permalink)
Ricardos Taco Truck in Drums, PA.
This is very close to your final destination but worth a stop. 
Take the  Conygham Pennsylvania exit of I80, I think it's Exit 256.  There is a Pilot Station / Subway.
Don't eat there.
Eat at the Taco Truck parked across the street, the owner is Ricardo and he knows what he's doing. 
Not much to look but trust it, trust the smells wafting from Ricardo's trailer. 
Incredibly fresh tortillas and fillings, jarrito sodas. Our favorite is the chorizo and potato burrito or taco, but it's all good. really. We time our trips from NYC to State College PA and points west according to his open hours……
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