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RE: Official 2004/09/05 19:54:13 (permalink)
Originally posted by Poverty Pete

BigGlenn, can you make it to the Trigg County Country Ham Festival? I'd like to meet the guy who makes me chuckle more than anybody else on this site.

Thanks for the kind words. Where in the world is Trigg County? I love Pig! Country Cured Ham is my favorite. "Pork The Other White Meat!" Just the best stuff ever! Thanks for the invite but I live in the Los Angeles area and I don't think I can get to Trigg County from here?
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RE: Official 2004/09/06 05:56:55 (permalink)
Originally posted by cowboy bob 2

I agree why am a hamburger on a hot dog site
Cowboy Bobs texas weiners

Congratulations on your new venture. I don't have a cart yet. I do my business under a 10x10 EZ-UP with a stainless steel grill. May you have a day like my last Thursday. I first ran out of Chili for my Chili Cheese Delight, Then I ran out of Kraut, Then I ran out of Buns, (had 150 along) then as I was tearing down people were buying a dog in napkin for 50¢ each. I just bought a 12v ref. to keep dogs in located in my car. I have a solar battery chgr. so battery wont go dead. All of the problems are being solved as time goes by. I have been in business about 2 months now. Am also looking for a Sat spot.

Just out of curiosity CowboyBob... First, congrats on your business venture! Now that you've hung your shingle for the last 2 months, are you making enough to get by? Was it all you expected?? Any major pitfalls you wish to share with others?

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