Okay, I'm gonna pull my pork ...

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2006/08/26 13:25:07 (permalink)

Okay, I'm gonna pull my pork ...

But, or should I say "butt" ...

But, I am going to have to cook it in my oven ...

And, my new oven, in my new house has a convection oven ... and no manual.

And, I don't know what a convection oven is.

I assume the fan blowing means that blowing hot air around is considered positive.

I'm cooking at 225 degrees and the roast already has a bit of crust forming ...

What should I do, and how should I be doing it?

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    RE: Okay, I'm gonna pull my pork ... 2006/08/26 13:54:54 (permalink)
    I've owned a table top convection (Farberware) and now a Jenn-Air built-in. Generic instructions are to lower the temp setting by 25 degrees or cook for approx. 25% shorter time period. Preheating is usually not recommended. There should be a way to use the oven in standard mode. You'll need to use a meat thermometer and you're just going to have to experiment with what works best. Where's the fan? Rear or top? The Farberware was on top which was a bad arrangement. Everything browned on top really quickly.

    My Jenn-Air manual has nothing about slow-cooking. I had a Farberware cookbook, published separately, but I sold it with the oven. You could probably find one at amazon or ebay.
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    RE: Okay, I'm gonna pull my pork ... 2006/08/26 17:01:06 (permalink)
    You shoutd be taking the internal temp every hr. till you get to 195 degrees, take it out wrap it in tinfoil till it's ready to pull.

    Your welcome!
    John A
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    RE: Okay, I'm gonna pull my pork ... 2006/08/26 17:55:45 (permalink)
    Before you can pull your pork you have to make certain it’s ready to be pulled. Best way to do this is by inserting a thermometer probe and removing the butt from the heat source at an internal temp of 190 – 200. Wrap it in aluminum foil and newspapers then place in an insulated cooler for and hour or two to let the juices settle down, it will stay very hot. Don’t worry; be happy, while pulling your pork.

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