Old (Chain) Restaurants

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2003/08/09 00:02:59 (permalink)

Old (Chain) Restaurants

I don't travel much, but there are a lot of restaurants that I remember from my childhood that I wonder if they survived. Does anyone know if there are: Mister Donuts, Spudnuts, Mell-o-Creme or Dixie Creme Donuts, Lum's, or Howard Johnson's (not the hotel, the restaurant with 28 flavors of ice cream? Incidentially, about an hour south of me, in Mattoon, Illinois, there is a Burger King that does not sell Whoppers. They predated the Whopper by about five years, and won the court case when BK sued. A few years ago, BK asked if they could build a restaurant in Coles County, and the original BK answered, "no way!" I believe there is also a McDonald's restaurant in Onarga, Illinois that doesn't sell McAnythings. The owner's name is McDonald, and the courts have ruled that he has a right to use his name on the restaurant

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    RE: Old (Chain) Restaurants 2003/08/09 00:14:39 (permalink)
    There's another recent message thread on Roadfood that discusses Spudnuts (I initiated it); you can get some information there about that chain.
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    RE: Old (Chain) Restaurants 2003/08/09 00:15:03 (permalink)

    there is a thread on long gone chains go to this thread http://www.roadfood.com/Forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=479 Many of the chains you ask about are discussed here, including surviving restaurants.
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    RE: Old (Chain) Restaurants 2003/08/09 02:27:38 (permalink)
    The only one listed here that I have even heard of is HoJo's. I haven't seen one of those for years, in business that is.

    The old one in Fresno got turned into a one off called Ham 'N Egger. It was a breakfst/lunch place that did pretty good food. Biscuits and gravy, 2 eggs and a nice slice of ham was about 3.59 4 years ago.

    An old one for me is Burger Chef, the el cheapo hamburger, many years ago was 15 cents. There is still one or was 2 years ago near Gettysburg, Pa.

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    RE: Old (Chain) Restaurants 2003/08/09 14:13:17 (permalink)
    The last real Burger Chef I saw was in Taylorville, Il about 20 years ago. Hardee's has since bought the chain, so I don't know if it is still in business or not. There was an independent Burger Chef in Danville, Il that is now called Schroeder's, and it is always busy. I guess Danville can support a good burger. Occasionally, Hardee's will put out a Big Chef for a limited time, but locally, Hardees is doing so much with their Thickburgers that it may be awhile before they do it again. If you want cheap burgers, though, White Castle has the sliders that can't be beat. My wife and I love them,, although my kids turn up their noses.
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    RE: Old (Chain) Restaurants 2003/08/10 14:38:47 (permalink)
    I wish there was a Pappadeauexs near Minneapolis....I love that place!
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    RE: Old (Chain) Restaurants 2003/08/18 18:36:57 (permalink)
    There is still at least 1 Howard Johnson's restaurant in Connecticut, in Waterbury. I was there about a year ago. Can't remember the address,though. Maybe they could give you a home office location. Good luck.
    John from Pa.
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    RE: Old (Chain) Restaurants 2003/08/28 07:40:11 (permalink)
    hojoland.com has listings of the few remaining Howard Johnson restaurants.
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    RE: Old (Chain) Restaurants 2003/08/31 19:59:38 (permalink)
    I remember several of the restaurants that you mentioned...i.e. Lums and Howard Johnson's. There is a HoJo's (as mentioned) in Waterbury, CT. It is located about 2 exits south of I-84 on Route 8...I think it is the South Main St. exit. We have been there a couple of times in the past year. The first time that we ate there it was pretty good and the prices were decent. The last time (and I emphasize last as we have no plans to return) we were there the food was so-so and the place had started to look rundown. There was still one located off of I-91 in Greenfield, MA but I think that is now closed.
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