Old Time Truck Stops

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2005/07/19 19:43:13 (permalink)

Old Time Truck Stops

In an age of truck stop multiplexes, some truckers will still eschew these efficient monuments to the modern age. These are the truckers that will not be satisfied with corporate food and will go an extra mile or two to experience down home chow in a genuine old time diner.

I love these venerable relics of a previous age and imagine I am not alone in this love. If you know such a place that is just off the Interstate and well worth the few extra miles, let's hear about it. Let's save this vanishing breed with some public awareness.

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    RE: Old Time Truck Stops 2005/07/19 21:14:06 (permalink)
    I don't know, we stopped at a www.flyingj.com truckstop last month in Kenosha Wi i think. I thought it was pretty awesome! We then got up to Milwaukee and took the www.lakeexpress.com over to Muskegon MI, which i thought was the pits. We did travel a bit around there in our rented Jeep. BTW there is a truckstop that i posted about in Morris IL on here that is what your're lookng for and they serve some five pound burger. Maybe you can search the archives and find it. I attached a link but can't remember the name of the place.
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    RE: Old Time Truck Stops 2005/07/19 22:35:56 (permalink)
    jeepguy, are you talking about R-Place at Romines? (website at http://www.rplaceromines.com/ and reviews at http://www.openlist.com/restaurants-view-rplace_family_eatery.htm )
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    RE: Old Time Truck Stops 2005/07/20 01:47:37 (permalink)
    We've got 2 in the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon.. Witham's is being surrounded by the New North Medford interchange, exit 30 on I-5 , still serves up a pretty tasty CFS and biscuits and Gravy. The Talent Truck Stop has a cafe with classic truck stop food, but the folks who own it are getting on in years, and she has the cafe and land up for sale. currently open 7:00am to 3:00 pm. exit 21 on I5. As a bonus, there's a very good taco truck, El Tacotote, by the cafe. There are actually quite a few independent truck stops in the Eugene to Redding segment of I-5. it'll take me a bit, but I'll try and compile them.
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    RE: Old Time Truck Stops 2005/07/20 02:32:28 (permalink)
    Iowa is loaded with truck stops......one of the best I ate at is called The Lighthouse (don't ask me why, there's no water, just corn fields!) in Le Mars, IA. Never ate breakfast there but the dinner was awesome! Great burgers, fried chicken, chicken fried steak, Iowa pork chops, with all the fixins.
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    RE: Old Time Truck Stops 2005/07/24 16:51:37 (permalink)
    If you're ever on I65 between Chicago and Indianapolis, check out the 76 truck stop near Remington, Indiana. Very good atmosphere, good food. All wood interior and the last time I went they had those little juke boxes at every booth. The last time I went there was also a trucker with tourettes at the table next to us, which made for a more 'colorful' experience!
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    RE: Old Time Truck Stops 2005/07/24 17:08:06 (permalink)
    The 76 Truck Stop that was an institution for many years at the southern end of the State (Exit 7) on I-65 was torn down in the reconstruction and widening of the highway, It had fallen on hard times in recent years.

    Some have said that the Dixie Truck Stop over in Illinois at Mclean has slipped a bit also, but we ate there in April and found it was a basic and good as ever. At the junction of Old 66 I-55 and US 136
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    RE: Old Time Truck Stops 2005/07/24 17:24:37 (permalink)
    Dee's Diner, a truck-stop on U.S. 33 just north of Nelsonville, Ohio is one of those old fashioned places. Years ago it still has gas and diesel pumps, but now they're gone. Still, you'll almost always find a few rigs parked there with their drivers inside eating.
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    RE: Old Time Truck Stops 2005/07/25 04:29:01 (permalink)
    When I left Fresno in 1998 Klein's Truck Stop on 99 @ Herndon was still there and the food was still great. No clue if its still there, maybe Jennifer4 will post in and let us know. They too did great platefulls of biscuits & gravy and CFS. All made right there on the premises.

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    RE: Old Time Truck Stops 2005/07/25 06:36:39 (permalink)
    Bill Voss might be able to help me with this one, as I can't remember the name. It's an old fashion, privately owned truck stop in Drain, Oregon, right off the 5. When I had the I-5 corridor run for Dick Simon Trucking, I would plan my entire trip to have time for a nice slow meal there.

    My other favorite is Johnson's Corner in Loveland. Colorado, right off I-25. Best breakfasts ever. One day I was just backing in to a slot at the place when my satcom buzzed me to tell me I had a random drug test appointment in Denver at the Sapp's Truck stop clinic. I backtracked the 45 minutes to Denver, took another 15 minutes to get parked, ran upstairs to pee in a cup, then still hungry, I bypassed the restaurant at Sapps and drove the 45 minutes back up 25 to have the ham and cheese omlette at Johnson's Corner. That's roadfood dedication people.
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    RE: Old Time Truck Stops 2005/07/25 08:44:26 (permalink)
    White's Truckstop near Steele's Tavern VA on hwy 11....great burgers and fries and a favorite stop for VMI cadets trying to fulfill their weekend pass regulations by leaving Rockbridge county (White's was in Augusta County)
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    RE: Old Time Truck Stops 2005/07/25 08:47:30 (permalink)
    There is a place off Rt 17 in Randolph, Ny called The R&M. It's a classic truck stop. There is greasy spoon-type food, along with really good eats.
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    RE: Old Time Truck Stops 2005/07/25 14:45:07 (permalink)
    Enginecapt, that IS roadfood dedication. I'm picturing myself sitting at the I-70 and Quebec exits, being hungry and thinking I had to go all the way up to Loveland to eat breakfast. That's quite a trip.

    Is Sapp Brother's all that bad? I've driven by it most of my life but have never eaten there.
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    RE: Old Time Truck Stops 2005/07/25 14:53:40 (permalink)
    If you're heading through Michigan on your way to Chicago on I94, just shy of Benton Harbor there's a truck stop called Ma's Coffee Pot. BEST pie EVER! Coffee's not bad, either.
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    RE: Old Time Truck Stops 2005/07/25 15:38:50 (permalink)
    There's an old fashioned truck stop where I-295 and the New Jersey Turnpike come together -- Exit 7. Back in junior high school or something we were always fascinated by the newspaper stories off the local police blotter about ladies being arrested for practicing commerce in the cab bunks of parked rigs.
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    RE: Old Time Truck Stops 2005/07/25 22:35:47 (permalink)
    There is an another old-fashioned truck stop on I-94 in Michigan, about 7 miles east of the intersection of I-94 and I-69. It is located at exit 115, and has the original name of The 115 Truckstop.

    Don't know how much longer it will last, though. Love's, a chain which claims to have more than 160 truck stops, is building a huge new one at exit 112. It is supposed to open this fall or winter.
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