Old-time "Frozen Custard" Stands.

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RE: Old-time "Frozen Custard" Stands. 2008/07/13 01:23:29 (permalink)
Luv It Custard off the Las Vegas Strip....been around forever!
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RE: Old-time "Frozen Custard" Stands. 2008/07/26 20:34:35 (permalink)
Oh, my. South Jersey is well known for its custard stands, but I think some are disappearing, along with other wonderful bits of Americana, sad to say. However, I can name a few off the top of my head locally - Maple Shade Custard Stand in Maple Shade, Masso's in Gibbsboro (which Brian & I visited a few weeks back for water ice). Here's a picture, and I have no clue about those old cars - must be specially there for the picture:

Also, Castle Harbor Drive-In in Riverside (nice marina on the Delaware to walk along while you eat your custard), Custard Castle in Mays Landing (Ellen, is that still there?) Hudock's down in Quinton, Salem County, although I've never been.

Kohr Bros. is pretty obvious, but you only see those down the shore on the boardwalk, and I like the feeling of driving down a really dark road in South Jersey on a hot summer night (like tonight!), and then all of a sudden, like a mirage in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the Pine Barrens, there's that neon lighting and that little building, and you see people milling about outside or standing in line. It truly takes me back to my childhood, and it's so comforting to say, "Ooooh! Custard! Let's stop!"

That's part of what I think of when I listen to the Jonathan Richman song "That Summer Feeling".
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RE: Old-time "Frozen Custard" Stands. 2008/07/29 01:02:00 (permalink)
Went to a great custard stand in Columbia, MO last week. Stand alone establishment, called Jason's. Just custard. Excellent though.
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RE: Old-time "Frozen Custard" Stands. 2008/10/13 07:39:18 (permalink)
Growing up in central Jersey, most towns had "custard stands" but most are gone now, yet several survive. In Monmouth County, there's the former Jack Frost in Englishtown, now called Four Brothers and Jersey Freeze ("We will be open next season" says the handwritten sign at the counter, so I guess it's gotten a reprieve on being replaced with a chain Italian restaurant) in Freehold on what used to be a traffic circle for Rt. 33 and Rt. 9 was a well-known NJ classic roadside stop on the way "down the shore".

Also, on a still somewhat rural (well, for NJ-but for how long?) section of Rt. 33, between Freehold and Hightstown, there's Jake's Cree Mee Freeze in Millstone Twp. - http://monmouthdailyphoto.wordpress.com/2008/05/27/cree-mee/
perhaps best known on the 'net for being a setting of an episode of "Sex and The City" (where it filled in for a Long Island stop).

A few miles east (just past a bowling alley and horse farm), in Manalapan, are two small almost "trailer-ish" buildings where various businesses have come and gone with great frequency (spas, clothing boutiques, home improvement offices, etc). Recently one of them is being re-build and enlarged (possibly adding a second story or maybe just a facade) and a sign went up "Coming Spring 2009- Jake's Cree Mee Freeze Too!". The "Too" implies it's in addition to the current business (possibly it'll be "all season", "eat in"?)- it would be a shame to lose a classic roadside custard stand.
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RE: Old-time "Frozen Custard" Stands. 2008/10/13 08:24:20 (permalink)
Originally posted by lunasatic

Kline's Drive In in and around Manassas, VA. There's two of them, at opposite ends of Manasasas. Both are excellent.

Oh boy! When I owned businesses in Manassas in the '80's-'90's my favorite "executive lunch" was a Top Hat at the Yorkshire followed by a Boston Creme Shake at Kline's.
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RE: Old-time "Frozen Custard" Stands. 2008/10/18 20:49:02 (permalink)
Several places around the St. Louis area for Frozen Custard, besides the obvious Ted Drewes, Fritz's Frozen Custard has several locations throughout the area, and is very good, as is Silky's, and there are more than a few Mom & Pop joints. I understand Ted Drewes provides the mix for Fritz's, however it is not the same recipe that Drewes' uses.
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RE: Old-time "Frozen Custard" Stands. 2008/10/18 20:59:15 (permalink)
I remember as a little kid growing up in Virginia, we would drive to the Rochester, NY area some summers to visit my grandparents. They would always take us to an amusement park called "Sea Breeze" on Lake Ontario. There was a great little frozen custard stand there, and I can still taste it almost sixty years later. Anyone remember this place?
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RE: Old-time "Frozen Custard" Stands. 2008/10/18 21:23:56 (permalink)
Glen's Frozen Custard - - 400 Pittsburgh St
Springdale, PA 15144

Best frozen custard EVER!!!!!!!

I don't think that they are open year round, however....

Creamy, great flavor, just about perfect.....

Edited to add - - not too far from the Rt. 28 exit of the Pennsylvania turnpike.... Go up-river a bit and there you are.....
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RE: Old-time "Frozen Custard" Stands. 2008/10/31 11:55:17 (permalink)
Search out Creamy Castle. It's a real little oldstyle frozen custard stand in the wilderness outside Sutton, WV. It's been open longer than I've been alive, and it survived (or is surviving, at least) the commercialization of the Sutton/Gassoway area.
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