On My Way To Kansas.....

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2005/03/17 09:42:07 (permalink)

On My Way To Kansas.....

...and my mouth is drooling already! Dreams of Cozy Inn burgers floating in my head....chicken at the Hays House...steak at the Bunker Hill Cafe....mmmmmm..actually not leaving til Tuesday...but the dreams have started already!!

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    RE: On My Way To Kansas..... 2005/03/17 09:59:38 (permalink)
    Have fun, Lou. You ARE allowed to mix in some condiments and sides on
    your Meat Tour '05. French Fries qualify as vegetables, right?
    Are you flying to KC and driving? I've wanted to hit the Seabrook Tavern in Topeka and the Vermont St. BBQ in Lawrence since finding mention of them. I'd have to make a Free State Brewery stop too. Go Jayhawks! Maybe a Lindsborg stop too.
    Bill B.
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    RE: On My Way To Kansas..... 2005/03/17 10:05:51 (permalink)
    Turn around! Go back while you still can!

    Here is my favorite part of "The Wizard of Oz":

    "Tell me something about yourself and the country you came from," said the Scarecrow, when she had finished her dinner. So she told him all about Kansas, and how gray everything was there, and how the cyclone had carried her to this queer Land of Oz.

    The Scarecrow listened carefully, and said, "I cannot understand why you should wish to leave this beautiful country and go back to the dry, gray place you call Kansas."

    "That is because you have no brains" answered the girl. "No matter how dreary and gray our homes are, we people of flesh and blood would rather live there than in any other country, be it ever so beautiful. There is no place like home."

    The Scarecrow sighed.

    "Of course I cannot understand it," he said. "If your heads were stuffed with straw, like mine, you would probably all live in the beautiful places, and then Kansas would have no people at all. It is fortunate for Kansas that you have brains."

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    RE: On My Way To Kansas..... 2005/03/17 12:39:19 (permalink)
    Hey Lou,

    If you're anywhere near Wichita, stop at the Bread Basket in Newton and try the local specialty the Bierock. It's very similar to a Runza except it tastes better. Unfortunately they're only open for lunch and run out of Bierocks early. Another good option would be Bierock Kitchen in Wichita. I believe they have two locations.
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    RE: On My Way To Kansas..... 2005/03/17 13:41:01 (permalink)
    Have a great time Lou. Looking forward to your report.
    carlton pierre
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    RE: On My Way To Kansas..... 2005/03/17 17:47:44 (permalink)
    You'll be going through tenderloin country and frozen custard so give them a try.
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    RE: On My Way To Kansas..... 2005/03/19 20:03:49 (permalink)
    Since you'll be near Abilene, consider the Brookville: www.brookvillehotel.com

    Mrs. Bushie and I had a wonderful meal there a couple of years ago, while staying here: www.victorianreflections.net
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    RE: On My Way To Kansas..... 2005/03/21 22:43:27 (permalink)
    Some Wichita suggestions:
    NuWay Cafe, the one on W. Douglas. (See review)

    NJ Cafe: Middle eastern, wonderful gyros, and pistacchio baklava

    Yen Ching: Chinese, and great for lunch, try the double roast pork

    Pig In, Pig Out: Local barbecue joint that is extremely good. It has recently moved and I have not tried the new location.

    Garcia's Tacos: Good Mexican food, authentic. Try the pork burrito. Their hot green salsa is good slathered over the burrito.

    Doc's Steak House: World's best value steak. This is beef country. Even the beer is cheap. They don't waste money on decor.

    Scotch & Sirloin: Great steak house on the more expensive side, with leggy waitresses and plenty of "playboy club" ambiance.

    Angelos: Try the pizza with everything on it. The other Italian dishes are good, too.

    Freddy's Frozen Custard: Local chain with good hamburgers, but the closest thing you can find to a Chicago Style hot dog--not nearly as good as in Chicago, but not nearly as far.

    Thai Tradition: Very good Thai restaurant, but if you like it hot, you have to insist that you can take it. Be sure you can.

    Takhoma Burger: A local tradition

    The Oasis: For hamburgers. This is one of the last "3.2" bars. If you don't know what that is, check into the history of Kansas Liquor Laws.

    Bomber Burger: Reputedly the best hamburger in Wichita. It's good, but it's a 10 seat bar with an owner extremely knowledgable in sports, who is quite willing to share his insights, in a beef and male dominant atmosphere. Check out the t-shirts.

    Hana Cafe: Japanese, with sushi, but be prepared to wait for excellently prepared food.

    North Broadway Pho restaraunts: Along north Broadway, north of Central Avenue to 21st street, are several Vietnamese restaurants, most of which are pretty good. The Saigon is the most suited to mid-West tastes. If you are feeling adventurous, the Kien has excellent Pho, a type of multi-meat clear broth with vegetables and varous meats.

    El Paiso is supposed to be good Mexican, but I have not eaten there.

    Fat Ernies: This southside restaurant has excellent American diner food, and one of the best chicken fried steaks you will find anywhere.

    In Salina:
    Martinelli's (Italian). very large portions. try the tiramisu, but bring a friend.

    In Lawrence:
    Yello Submarine for a sandwich.

    In Kansas City:
    Don't go any further, as the best restaurants in the world are in KC. Just ask Calvin Trillin.
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    RE: On My Way To Kansas..... 2014/07/09 22:47:06 (permalink)
    I finally got to visit the Bunker Hill Café back in May.  ConeyIslandLou reminded me this morning that I promised to write about my experience and never did.  So, this is only a couple of months late.
    Despite the fact that it is in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, reservations are strongly suggested.  Unfortunately, I had so much planned for the day and didn't want to box myself in on a certain time, I decided to risk it and just walk in. 
    I was expecting the town to be small, but it was even tinier than I imagined.  The building is quite old looking,

    with plenty of charm and only one easy to miss sign letting you know that you have arrived.  The interior is dark

    and mostly decorated with hunting trophies and wildlife paintings.
    When I walked in and asked if they had room for me, they seemed a little put out, but said they think they can squeeze me in before a later dinner party was coming in.  I promised her I would eat quickly.  Surprisingly, despite the fact that I was by myself, they put me at their biggest table, which would seat eight.
    The menu

    is on thick paper and is shockingly big.  If your eyes are good enough, check out that quote at the top of the page.  Just in case, it says "The bitter taste of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."  I realize the point they are trying to make, but that is still an odd thing to put on your menu.
    What really won me over for Bunker Hill Café is the little details.  There is a bowl of trail mix

    on your table to nibble on.  I'm not sure what to call this service dish,

    but I very much like being able to apply as much of the three salad dressings as I wanted.  And all three are made in house fresh daily.  As good as the Thousand Island and French dressings were, the blue cheese with big chunks of the cheese was the clear winner.  The salad itself

    was also a step above.  It was dark green leafy lettuce, with a sliced egg on top, plus radishes, broccoli, carrot and tomato.  I would have been perfectly fine just having this for dinner.  You also get a basket of truly wonderful, baked in house honey raisin bread.

    My previous meal was at Al's Chickenette in Hays, no more than an hour beforehand, so I didn't have my full appetite.  That explains why I only went for the 6 oz. filet as my entrée. 

    It comes with two sides and I chose the corn on the cob (who would say no to that?) and the twice baked potato.  My waitress told me the fries were especially good, but I had already eaten fries twice on this day.  The filet comes wrapped in bacon and and had a really nice nutty flavor to it.  An excellent steak!
    Even though we had gotten off to a poor start, the service quickly became motherly.  These ladies took good care of me.  The bill came on a silver tray

    along with an excellent local mint and a baggie to take home any extra bread.
    One particular event tells more about the feel of this place than anything else.  Two elderly women came in, also without reservations and the hostess was trying to figure out what to do with them.  There was a family of four at a table for six and they quickly volunteered to have the ladies sit with them.  The ladies agreed and took their seats.  As it turns out, it was one of these ladies birthday and they had brought a big cake with them.  It didn't take too long until cake was being passed around not only to the other people at their table, but to everyone in the restaurant.  And the waitresses, despite the fact that this is food they won't get a dime for, were more than happy to bring out plates, cut the cake and make sure everyone got a slice.  It is things like this that make you appreciate small town life, especially in Kansas.
    Bunker Hill Cafe
    609 Elm Street
    Bunker Hill, KS
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    RE: On My Way To Kansas..... 2014/07/09 23:10:14 (permalink)
    What a charming tale!
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    RE: On My Way To Kansas..... 2014/07/16 07:47:13 (permalink)
    funny - last time I was in BH, I got the 6 oz filet also - as my lunch that day had been at....Cozy Inn! The supper the night before had been at the Brookville Hotel.  Makes one drool just looking at those pics! 
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    RE: On My Way To Kansas..... 2014/07/16 08:02:52 (permalink)
    Thanks for the reminder to write about Bunker Hill Café.  It was such an enjoyable experience.
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    RE: On My Way To Kansas..... 2014/07/16 08:04:03 (permalink)
    No review of the cake? 
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    RE: On My Way To Kansas..... 2014/07/16 08:20:21 (permalink)
    I declined, since there was still a late night stop at Cozy Inn coming.
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