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RE: Order more get LESS 2007/04/08 05:50:41 (permalink)
Originally posted by Tony Bad

Originally posted by Dr of BBQ

Tony my analogy may not be the best BUT Your reply makes no sense (with all due respect) to me. What would cause a Pizza to become an unmanageable mess, or how is it an unmanageable mess? If I order it and I pay for it how is it ok to short me? I just don't understand this mindset. Yes it takes longer to bake, yes it's a ton of meat and other goodies but if the restaurant isn't willing to put all of those ingredients on my pie don't put them on the menu. If I want a 5 lb pie or a one-ton pie as long as I can pay and pay extra what the heck take my money and laugh all the way to the bank. When I order a pizza around here like I want, they usually charge me around $20.00. If I pay twenty dollars I expect to get what I pay for. If I find I don’t get all the goodies I just don’t go back.

I guess my vision of the pie you seem to want...with full amounts of 6 toppings and extra cheese...would be a pie with a very thick, heavy layer of toppings. I imagine a very thick, hard to eat (at least by hand), soggy crusted pie. Sounds like more of a casserole than a pizza!

That may be what you want, and if so, I guess I get your complaint, but it certainly isn't something I would want. I am guessing a messy, soggy pie WITH all the ingredients would get more complaints than getting shorted a couple of pepperoni slices, but maybe I am wrong. I can't even imagine how a pie like the one you order would be cut or fit in a delivery box!


I agree that too many toppings just overloads and diminishes the true quality and flavor of the pie. As a rule, I will not put on more than three toppings. If it is to-go, I will order even less and and put them on myself. This is because I usually have the ingredients at home. I tell them not to cut it and to under bake it slightly as I will cook it later.

What I feel is that too many toppings disguises what the pie is supposed to taste like. When the topic is white pies, you are adding less, the same goes with a tomato pie. You do not cover them up with an abundance of toppings.
Case in point goes to a New Haven pizzeria. I went with my brother and he wanted a sausage, mushroom and pepperoni pizza. I suggested that we have half the pie served plain, with cheese only.
He agreed with me as we ate all the plain side and had a few garnished slices left. Less was better.....

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RE: Order more get LESS 2007/04/08 08:30:32 (permalink)
At the pizza place where I worked, if a customer ordered ordered more than one meat, we cut the portions of each meat in half. We always gave the customer the same amount of a particular vegetable regardless of what is ordered.

I don't think the intention was to gyp the customer, it was to improve the baking. Maybe they could discount toppings in the situation where the user orders more than one?

I think the type of pie makes a difference as to whether adding lots of stuff will work. By type of pie, I mean the basic architecture; is it cooked in a pan, how much dough, what type of oven, etc.

I didn't discover the joy of cheese pizza until I moved to Connecticut.

If you order an Italian style pizza like is common here and add a bunch of toppings to it, it messes it up. Cheese or maybe one topping, but cheese alone is usually best if it's a top notch pizzeria.

On the other hand, if you get one of the Greek style pizzas available here that are cooked in a pan, you want to load that sucker up with toppings.

These are two different types of pizza and I love both. But I know not to order a cheese pizza at some restaurants or a kitchen-sink pizza at others. It depends on the type of pie.

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