Organic Eggs

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RE: Organic Eggs 2005/12/15 12:51:47 (permalink)
Originally posted by Greyghost

I am fine with organic and that is what I buy when I eat eggs at home. Usually, I eat eggs out at Roadfood places

I used to think free-range was a good thing as well. That was until I listened to the owner of the Plainville Turkey Farm. Plainville used to do free-range until they discovered they were on a migratory bird path and became wary of disease laden droppings. Very wisely they moved the birds to very roomy indoor quarters away from the threat. With bird flu in the news every day, I think this was a very wise move indeed

I once had to wait for those damn turkeys to cross the road on a side road near rt. 370 in Plainville. It took an eternity there were so many.
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RE: Organic Eggs 2005/12/15 15:37:31 (permalink)
This year we bought a Marti's poultry assortment which included two turkeys. One fell to a predator of some type but the other DRESSED out at 42 #.

What the h*** do you do w/ a 42# turkey? My wife makes most of our fowl into pets...Blackie and Red and Whitie and well you get the idea.

Actually a very tender bird although I had to go buy another bird for my darling wife of 24 years. She's worth it!!!!!!!
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