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I just got into a rather large argument with my fiancee for buying the Archer Farms "Cage Free, Organic" eggs (they cost more).  While I like to buy any product that supports and practices sustainable agricultural methods, she insists that FDA rules allow almost anyone to put "organic" on their labels.  I do realize that the slogan "free range" means that the animals only have to be released for one hour a day, and I also realize that "organic" need not apply to all ingredients in a food item to be labeled as such. 
My question is, does anyone know what sort of practices are in use at the farms from which Archer Farms sources?  Our argument is at an impasse, neither of us can substantiate our claims due to lack of research.  I would appreciate any knowledge, even if it means she is right  
Also, I have had the Archer Farms chips, and found them to be delightful, their Italian Sodas are also quite well done. 

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    Re:Organic? 2011/03/10 05:49:54 (permalink)
    Welcome to Roadfood, but I admit to a doubletake when I saw this post in the Snacks & Candy forum.
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    Re:Organic? 2011/03/10 12:18:47 (permalink)
    Well, I did a little quick Googling and discovered (from Wikipedia) that "Archer Farms is the store brand of premium foods offered exclusively by Target Corporation."   
    First of all, please make up with your wife and congratulate her for going to Target to save money. I mean, if she wanted organic she might have gone to Whole Foods   and organic eggs at Target might not be that much more than regular ones at a regular market.
    Anyway, given the number of eggs Target must sell nationally, your question may be almost unanswerable since they may have many, many sources.  One positive fact I did discover was that last summer,when billions of eggs got recalled, Archer Farms was NOT among them ( http://www.healthcastle.c..._not_recall_safe.shtml ) so they weren't using that scummy eggs factory that produced those.
    I also discovered that Target "invites you" to contact them directly if you have a question about the product and that might be the best way to get your question answered:
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    Re:Organic? 2011/03/10 12:52:25 (permalink)
    I realize that this doesn't really answer your question about the Archer Farms eggs, but I did find on the Organic Consumers Association website ( ) that the only two organic egg producers in Minnesota are:
    Schlangen Family Farm & Delivery (Freeport, MN)
    Sunshine Harvest Farm (Webster, MN)
    Since the Target corporate headquarters are in Minneapolis, perhaps you could check with them to see if they would tell you who their supplier might be.
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    Re:Organic? 2011/11/22 17:55:15 (permalink)
    Egg shortages were reported at some stores after the retailer ended its relationship with a producer accused of animal cruelty, and the company is scrambling to line up new suppliers before Thanksgiving.

    Shortages were reported at stores as far away as Chicago and North Carolina after Minneapolis-based Target Corp. decided to quit doing business with Litchfield-based Sparboe Farms. An undercover video shot by animal rights activists at farms in three states revealed mistreatment to hens and chicks that even Sparboe described as sickening.
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