Pad Thai !!!

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2005/01/05 15:12:12 (permalink)

Pad Thai !!!

What about Pad Thai? I love it --- the green onions, bean sprouts, peanuts and spiciness! I have found only one place in Lexington that makes it well though, IMO. I like it eye-watering HOT!


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    RE: Pad Thai !!! 2005/01/05 15:42:55 (permalink)
    I'm with ya!!!!with shrimp,scallops and squid!!!Fantastic!! I found an asian market that sells all the fixins--ie noodles and several sauces ready made--some of them are bland but ive foundtwo that i like---the noodles are very easy to prepar---soak in warm water---drain--and ad to the wok with the rest of your ingredients! Simple fast and very tasty!
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    RE: Pad Thai !!! 2005/01/05 15:57:04 (permalink)
    Racha Thai in a plaza on Rt 20 at Greenwood St in Worcester Mass does a good job. It is usually a staple in the lunchtime buffet.
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    RE: Pad Thai !!! 2005/01/07 21:17:05 (permalink)
    There's a place in north-central Maryland between the towns of Damascus and Mt. Airy called Lu & Joe's. It should be a good roadfood place. It's a Thai biker bar. No, seriously. A Thai family bought the place, and offer a few Asian items on the typical fried menu, but if you ask for other Thai food they'll make it for you.

    However, I note that it should be good. They typically look at the roundness of our eyes and leave any and all flavorings out of the dish. They then serve them in a little plastic cup on the side, so you can dump it or sprinkle it if you wish. The last two times we went, hubby had terrible gastrointestinal problems afterwards. I'm guessing this was due to the low demand for seafood, and the likelihood of it not being quite so fresh rather than anything to do with the seasonings.

    But we've quit going.
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    RE: Pad Thai !!! 2005/01/12 11:22:58 (permalink)
    Penny's Noodle Shop on the North Side of Chicago makes the best pad thai I've ever had. Sticky and slightly sweet, with very liberal portions. And the price (around $4), is right. I prefer the tofu variety, but they have a chicken pad thai as well.
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    RE: Pad Thai !!! 2005/01/25 14:49:14 (permalink)
    Jest get over to Thailand for the most excuisite Thai you can lay your hands on... Tiger prawn soup fresh made on the beach... now that is just how it should be Damnit, I feel another holiday coming on...
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    RE: Pad Thai !!! 2005/01/25 15:49:59 (permalink)
    Pad Thai is one of those dishes that i could eat way too much of! I pour peanut sauce and hot chili sauce on too. Love Pad Thai!
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    RE: Pad Thai !!! 2005/01/25 16:12:01 (permalink)
    Andrea, well said. I love Thai food and Pad Thai is my favorite. I could eat it every day. A small Thai restaurant close to us cloed and they made what I thought was the best Pad Thai in Rochester, but The King and I on East Henrietta Rd is very good, as is Pattaya in Penfield.
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