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Filet Mignon
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RE: Pancakes 2005/07/27 18:37:24 (permalink)
Aunt Martha's Pancake House in Springfield Missouri!!! KILLER breakfast---and there really is an Aunt Martha--she's right there at the cash register daily---Bushie turned me on this place and im VERY glad he did---fabulous pancakes in many varieties--i am foun of the southern corn meal pancakes with country ham---its a breakfast to die for! I HIGHLY ecommend it to anyone going through Springfield. The buttermilk cakes are good too!!
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RE: Pancakes 2005/07/27 19:10:33 (permalink)
When I was growing up in Canada, we put butter on the hot pancake followed by a sprinkling of white sugar and then a squirt or two of fresh lemon juice. It made kind of a glaze. It was yummy!
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RE: Pancakes 2005/07/27 19:54:04 (permalink)
I like IHOP's silver dollar pancakes. They are a little thinner than most regular pancakes. Don't like those big fat ones that tend to be undercooked inside. Also, IHOP serves real butter on their pancakes instead of hydrogenated, one chemical step removed from plastic, margarine. yucck, won't touch food with that poison on it.

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RE: Pancakes 2005/07/28 08:07:18 (permalink)
I had buckwheat pancakes at a little hotel in Casselman, MD that were great. I like my pancakes a little crispier at the edges and with more "pull" rather than light and fluffy. I had memorable ones at a diner in Albany years ago, maybe off Central Ave? Nowadays, I don't eat pancakes out unless they have real maple syrup, so that usually means New England.
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RE: Pancakes 2005/07/28 08:17:55 (permalink)
I see pancakes thusly: They always sound great on a menu, but halfway through my meal I wonder, "why am I eating these belly bombers when I could be having sausage and eggs?"
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RE: Pancakes 2005/07/28 09:39:29 (permalink)
More of a waffle guy myself, especially bacon waffles.
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RE: Pancakes 2005/07/28 14:00:43 (permalink)
As far as restaurant pancakes go, I love Denny's and IHOP.
But my favourites are most definitely my mother's banana pancakes with sliced strawberries, and drizzled with Knott's strawberry syrup.
mr chips
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RE: Pancakes 2005/07/28 14:18:34 (permalink)
Portland has a place called the Cameo Cafe with its beloved Acre pancakes which are plate sized monsters that I have rarely been able to finish. We are also the home of the first Original Pancake House restaurant which remains my favorite pancake place anywhere.
Fire Safety Admin
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RE: Pancakes 2005/07/28 16:19:00 (permalink)
I ate at a German restaurant in the Amana Colonies in East Amana, Iowa. Their breakfast was huge and included huge thin pancakes. They were about the thickness of a silver dollar and the size of a huge plate.

They brought breakfast to you by the bowl fulls. They charged for it but it was worth it.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
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RE: Pancakes 2005/07/28 22:16:49 (permalink)
As far as the chains go, Perkins beats the pants off BOTH Denny's and IHOP...if you're lucky enough to live near one,that is. They had closed the one here in town a few years back..with the resulting empty building being turned into an IHOP (our Denny's is a former Sambos!). Now they just opened another what used to be a Hojo's...confusing..isnt it?!?
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RE: Pancakes 2005/07/29 15:20:42 (permalink)
Love good buttermilk pancakes. To top them off warm up some pure Maple syrup and mix in a good amount of butter. Pour over the Hot Pancakes serve with a side of apple smoked bacon or ham that makes it for me.

Also same as above but with home made French toast.
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RE: Pancakes 2005/08/03 21:42:20 (permalink)
I still miss Sambos' Pancakes, but among operating resturants, Denny's is pretty good, as are Steak 'n Shake's.
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RE: Pancakes 2007/11/08 22:06:39 (permalink)
The absolute best pancakes I've ever tasted were served at the Williamstown Inn in Williamstown, MA. It's been over fifteen years since I had them, but I still remember that breakfast to be the best I'd ever had when it comes to pancakes.

Now, coming in at a close second has to be the banana pancakes with coconut syrup found at Chace's Pancake Corral in Bellevue, WA. YUMMO! Frankly, everything on their menu is phenomenal, which explains why there is always a line out the front door on the weekends.

But as far as breakfasts in general are concerned, I think that the multicourse Country Breakfast at Salish Lodge and Spa in Snoqualmie, Washington takes the (hot) cake. The four-course, two-hour fine dining extravaganza is made all the more memorable by a breathtaking view of the majestic Snoqualmie Falls from the elegant and rustic dining room. Plus, the meal does end with buttermilk pancakes. I highly recommend it!
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