Papaya King Going National?!?!?!?!!?

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RE: Papaya King Going National?!?!?!?!!? 2008/02/07 11:08:53 (permalink)
Originally posted by Tony Bad

Originally posted by meowzart

Long article from this morning's Washington Post (too long to copy and paste):
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I can't even imagine a Papaya King in a mall. This can't possibly work can it? I mean, part of what makes Papaya King for me, and part of what makes it taste so good is that terrific sense of place. How in the world can you make that bit of culture work anywhere else but NYC?

I think this is really sad. If the Roadfood places aren't going out of business, they are being sold to groups of investors that want to franchise them and make them conform to marketing mold.

This is a sad but growing trend. I guess we can just look at it with the hope that the quality of the food will remain the same as the original.

It won't
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RE: Papaya King Going National?!?!?!?!!? 2008/08/06 19:55:16 (permalink)
Like the song says...

And if I can make it there
I'm gonna' make it anywhere
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RE: Papaya King Going National?!?!?!?!!? 2008/08/11 21:46:45 (permalink)
Hello all ,

We visited the Papaya King in Clifton last Sept on the 4th annual Jersey Hot Dog Tour , our group photo is in the Misc Foods sect under the tour .
Anyway we had an enjoyable experience , but was told they changed owners already . Seemed like a good location in a mall , but you have to sell a hell uva lot of Hot Dogs to make it in a retail location .

As far as Hot Dogs the only place I would franchise is Charlies Pool Room in Alpha NJ and that is for the recipe of their late Grandmothers Hungarian sauce , and ambience.

Baah Ben
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RE: Papaya King Going National?!?!?!?!!? 2008/08/11 22:27:05 (permalink)
Sad What's sad about it? Don't be so selfish people!

If Paypaya King keeps the standards and the products the same, why not open it up to the rest of the country. If they are concerned with product quaility, hire my man, John Fox, to monitor their expansion! Open them all over the country! Overcharge me! I DON"T CARE!

John Fox is right (isn't he always when it comes to hot dogs) - this is a easy operation to reproduce elsewhere and that's why they are probably going for it. We got the exact same hot dog (ours were 6 to 1's) delivered to us in Pittsburgh by common carrier from Marathon Industries every 3 weeks. They came in cryovac packs and didn't even have to be frozen. They lasted 3-4 weeks under refrigeration..No problem. The mustard comes in 4-1 gallon jugs per case and must be refrigerated, too. You can get the Sabrette onion sauce, too.

No, this wouldn't be my first choice for an expansion...That would be NY Noodletowns opening all over the country !!!

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RE: Papaya King Going National?!?!?!?!!? 2008/08/11 22:46:49 (permalink)
If the Papaya King in Clifton changed hands, we need to have more information before we can draw any conclusions. Was it the health of the owner? Did the owner find a more lucrative business to get into? Who owns it now, and why did he/she buy the business?
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RE: Papaya King Going National?!?!?!?!!? 2008/08/14 00:25:09 (permalink)
As delicious as Noodletown is, I can get tasty noodles by the boatload here. I'd kill for a Papaya King in Northern California. Well, not kill, but rough up someone really badly.
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