Pat's Family Kitchen, Saybrook, CT

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2007/08/11 19:34:39 (permalink)

Pat's Family Kitchen, Saybrook, CT

Re: Pat's Family Kitchen in Saybrook, Ct.

I had a very unpleasant experience! First of all, I was seated next to the buser's station so every time he brought in flatware or other supplies and noisely dumped them onto the station I enjoyed the racket. Next, the waitress took my order which incluced iced tea and a soup. the iced tea came without a lemon wedge, a straw, or sufficient ice. After a ten or fifteen minute wait I was able to catch the waitres's eye and when she came to my table I asked if she had forgortten me to which she replied no. But, she had fogotten to bring a cup of soup. she apologized and got the soup. It was mostly water! I had ordered crab cakes. At the shore one can expect good seafood, right? Wrong! The crab cakes were flat (I refer to the flavor) and they had a crust on the outside that couldn't be penetrated without a knife.
So much for Pat's Family Kitchen in Saybrook, Connecticut. I'll never cross their threshold again!

Robert Simmons,
No. Granby, CT

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    RE: Pat's Family Kitchen, Saybrook, CT 2007/08/11 20:21:26 (permalink)
    First, Welcome to We are glad to hear your report, even when it contains 'bad news'. We hope you will continue to post your reaction to places you visit and hopefully will have more positive experiences than negative.

    Please consider these suggestions to assist in making your posts more relevant to the specific restaurant or type of restaurant that you are writing up.

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    2. If this is a Seafood Restaurant then the review should be posted in the Seafood Forum. If it is a 'general purpose' sort of place, with you just ordering seafood off a wider menu, then you have your report in the correct place. I have edited your title to reflect the real name of the place.

    If you have any questions about how to or what to post a message, please contact one of the site-moderators, they will be glad to assist you.

    Again, Welcome to Roadfood!

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    RE: Pat's Family Kitchen, Saybrook, CT 2007/08/11 20:53:04 (permalink)
    It's Pat's Kountry Kitchen, and I feel your pain. Been there. Done that. The first and only time I was there I ordered the clam hash, but asked for two eggs instead of one. I was given a lecture about how there were no substitutions, and when I pointed out that I wasn't trying to substitute anything, but was asking for something additonal, for which I was quite willing to pay, the waitress told me it was obvious I did not know the meaning of the word substitutions. My wife and I left immediately, and drove across the bridge to Flanders and had breakfast at The Shack.

    I probably should have known better than to go to a restaurant whose owners can't spell Country.
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