Peach, or other, Cobbler

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2007/07/21 16:37:42 (permalink)

Peach, or other, Cobbler

Please don't think me lame, although I do have a broken arm at the moment, because I would like to ask you good folks for some suggestions. You may find the answers to be glaringly obvious, however I've not ever done much baking of sweets beyond the most pedestrian of methods. I have Bisquick and a jar of DelMonte Orchard Select Sliced Cling Peaches--Yellow Cling in Light Syrup...I'd like to avoid wasting any of the good juice that's coming with the peaches. Should I increase the amount of Bisquick? Decrease the amount of milk? What? Also, I have a few fresh peaches that I'd like to incorporate as well. I have baked from scratch, though never really wavered from any recipe on the advice that it could ruin the end product. If it were any other kind of dish I'd certainly have no qualms about being adventuresome--just not with this...I want it to be really awesome. Thank you.
P.S. I have some Mandarin oranges packed the same way by the same brand, as well as some fresh Granny Smith apples...would these make nice cobblers?
P.P.S. Goodness, I just remembered I have a fresh, whole, Golden pineapple, too. LOL.

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    the ancient mariner
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    RE: Peach, or other, Cobbler 2007/07/21 16:48:28 (permalink)
    I use the otherwise wasted syrup as a marinate for pork or chicken.

    I think if you fool with the recipe you will end up with a pile of mush.

    Uae the juices as a marinate and add some spices, that's what I was taught.
    and then after marinating for an hour or so cook the chicken or pork in it
    --------it should be excellent-A !!!!!!

    And then the great cobbler with a little whipped cream (or a lot) and a great cup of coffee !!!
    Voila ----Tres magnifique---is it not so !!!!!
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    RE: Peach, or other, Cobbler 2007/07/21 17:06:15 (permalink)
    Oui, merci.
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    RE: Peach, or other, Cobbler 2007/07/23 13:55:17 (permalink)
    Bisquick does make a faily good cobbler. I like my real crispy on top. My fav. cobbler is blackberry. Mrs. Smith makes a great blackberry cobbler.
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    RE: Peach, or other, Cobbler 2007/07/28 10:58:26 (permalink)
    Is the crust that bisquick makes like a pie crust or is it more (for want of another word) liquidish? Reason I ask, I have a recipe for Out of Season Cobbler where you melt a stick of butter in a pyrex dish, and then in another bowl mix together flour, sugar, milk and baking powder and cinnamon if you like, then pour that over the butter but don't stir. Last thing you do is dump a large can of peaches (fruit cocktail, pears etc) over it being careful not to stir it. Then you bake it in the oven at 350 I think (trying to think off the top of my head I haven't made it in a couple of years) and bake it till the crust rises and its nicely browned on top. Its quick, easy and great for when people show up unexpectedly and you didn't have anything planned.

    I would imagine that you could do something similar with the jar of peaches and the juice it comes in. I've never tried making a cobbler out of mandarin oranges so I'm not sure how that would work. Sounds interesting though!
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    RE: Peach, or other, Cobbler 2007/07/28 11:47:34 (permalink)
    I like the ancient one's idea, but you could also sub some of the juice for the milk in the topping.
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