Peppermint Balls

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Junior Burger
RE: Peppermint Balls 2011/11/22 20:38:44
i was looking through here to get those airy peppermint puffs that are airy and sugary goodness I read your post and I can to the candy I think you were posting about hun

Light, Airy, Melt-in-Your-Mouth Puff Candy Looks like a Sponge, Tastes like Heaven

If this candy had to live on looks alone, it wouldn't get far. One taste, however, and you could be addicted. Old-fashioned puff candy is a light, airy molasses-flavored candy that looks kind of like a sponge, but tastes like heaven. Crunchy when you first bite into it, it quickly melts in your mouth like cotton candy. 5 oz. bag.
from the vermont candy company also I found it on
Junior Burger
Re:Peppermint Balls 2011/11/22 21:43:41
have you thought of looking online for the recipe because the food networks claim which I mean claim is because I havent gone and looked that they have recipes for these candys all i remember of this candy is that it melted in your mouth to sugar like a cotton candy would 2 years ago I found some sites for these candies I saved them into my favorites but then I had to swipe my computer clean but I saw williams-sonoma, washburns and the pennslyvania dutch candy company had those peppermints but are expensive also saw the candy you described sundancer on williams-sonoma
Junior Burger
Re:Peppermint Balls 2011/12/05 18:29:23
They were called Air Bons and Whitman's made them. They do not make them anymore. Just last week i saw that Russell Stover was advertising NEW Old Fashioned Air Bons. I got so excited I ordered 3 bags only to find out that they are not the same as the Air Bons I remember as a child. These new ones are similar to Bob's Sweet Stripes and not like the old Air Bons that would instantly melt in your mouth, were round and very light weight.
I was so dissapointed. They are good as far as mints go, but they are NOT the original Air Bons.
Junior Burger
Re:Peppermint Balls 2011/12/29 13:48:45
I know exactly what you guys are talking about. I remember growing up having these at my grandmother's house down south. My mother loved them as well. Well for Christmas I was hunting for these peppermints because I wanted to surprise my mom... Well no luck of the original Air Bons because they no longer make them.. but I found something VERY similar. Well they are by Russell Stover and they are new. Go to the Russell Stover website and type in peppermint puffs. I purchased 5 bags for my mom and she loves them!!! So I would have to disagree with mousefx.. I think they are really good. Yes, they aren't the original, but they are sooooo close. We have tried so many different brands, but this is by far the best and closes to the original. They literally dissolve. You guys have to get them.. they are soo good!!
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Junior Burger
Re:Peppermint Balls 2012/03/09 21:24:22
Hello.  I think you are talking about "Mint Bubblets" made by Elmer's in New Orleans.  They were definitely around during the early  1950's.  Let me know what you think.  Alison
RE: Peppermint Balls 2012/03/09 22:24:34
Miz Erry
Junior Burger
RE: Peppermint Balls 2012/06/23 20:25:06
Check out the russell stover site and search for: PRODUCT& itemID=2881
These look like they are the old-fashioned Russell Stover Air-Bons.  I THINK these are similar to the ones made by Whitman's. I've just checked Vermont Country Store and they don't have them. I remember the Whitman's as coming in a can that you used a key to open. The package design was with green and white stripes and pictures of the Air Bons on it. Interestingly, Russell Stover, Whitman's and Pangborn's were all owned by the same company, so this has a strong possibility of being the right stuff. I'm ordering a package to see if it is "right." If so, I'll let y'all know!
Miz Erry
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Miz Erry
Junior Burger
RE: Peppermint Balls 2012/06/30 20:56:24
Well, I'm disappointed. These peppermints are ALMOST right, but not quite. They are too heavy and too solid. They are tasty and do melt fairly rapidly in my mouth, but not the same as the Air Bons of 40 years ago. Just RATS!
I find they help with my "dry mouth" syndrome, though, and I may be seeking a local supplier.
Miz Erry
RE: Peppermint Balls 2012/07/01 10:01:06
We have a local candy company that makes a soft peppermint candy in sticks and in puffs.
The Piedmont Candy Co. in Lexington has been around for a long time - like half a century! I love their peppermint candy - the old fashioned, somewhat chalky texture and wonderful taste. This is what I use for making peppermint ice cream and this is what I buy for Christmas candy.
The puffs come in an assortment including, wintergreen, clove, and lemon.
Junior Burger
Re:Peppermint Balls 2012/12/05 17:24:19
search 'air-bon's' at the russell stover site!!

It even shows a pic of the old metal can in the description!!!
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Junior Burger
Re:Peppermint Balls 2012/12/05 18:45:10
OMG! It certainly looks like it. Am ordering NOW. Thank you for the heads up!!!
Junior Burger
Re:Peppermint Balls 2012/12/05 20:10:32
My favorite is made by Lance Cracker in Charlotte. Instant melt in mouth. Similar to but not as dense as butter mints.
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