Pineapple Pizza, yes or no?

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Michael Hoffman
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RE: Pineapple Pizza, yes or no? 2006/06/21 19:47:37 (permalink)
Originally posted by Beer&Snausages

Anyone know Swedish? Their Seafood pizza has Tonfisk?

Kebab Pizza

That's tuna, I believe. But, hey, if they don't offer lutefisk, why even bother?
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RE: Pineapple Pizza, yes or no? 2006/06/21 20:03:02 (permalink)
Originally posted by Xfireguy

Never liked the taste of pineapple cooked, until I had a Caribbean Jerk Pizza at Gio's Brick Oven Pizza in East Granby, CT. It was by far the best pizza I ever had...non-traditional pizza that is. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Its grilled chicken, bbq sauce, carmalized onions, bacon and pineapple. Gio's makes a great pizza!

I'm sure this is blasphemy on this site, but California Pizza Kitchen makes a good version of Caribbean Jerk Chicken Pizza.
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RE: Pineapple Pizza, yes or no? 2006/06/21 20:05:21 (permalink)
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RE: Pineapple Pizza, yes or no? 2006/06/21 20:05:37 (permalink)
Originally posted by senor boogie woogie


1.) What do you think should never be on a pizza? I'm a pizza libertarian, if its good, put it on. The combos are almost infinite. If you like oranges, bananas, chocolate and Chef Bo Ardi cheese on your pie, that's your choice. Not mine, yours.

2.) Ever eaten any local pizza with weird things on them?

3.) Ever eaten a pizza outside of the USA? Any good? Actually my friend and I discovered a good pizza place here. Most pizza is bland, and frankly they steal the Pizza Hut recipe. I and my friend had tobasco and Kraft Parmisian Cheese at the ready, but no help was needed. This comes from a society that screws up foreign food.

4.) What do you like on your pizza? (Easiest questions)


(1)I think that too many toppings detract from a pizza. Personally, I can't understand why anyone would put hamburger on a pizza as it is not seasoned. I avoid meatballs too. I used to have pineapple on my pizza, but don't now.

(2)In NYC, there are pizzas with what seems to be a broccolli puree instead of tomato sauce. I like broccolli, but why try it?

(3) I seem to remember pizzas in Japan and the Phillipines. I think that I questioned what the cheese was. They put Tabasco Sauce on them.

(4) I like but cannot find a proscuitto or linguica pizza too easily, but I like those toppings. I am aware that Italians frown upon cheese and fish, but I like anchovies. And clam pizzas are great out here.
Il Fornaio Restaurant in California has a great proscuitto, potato and artichoke pie. No sauce and I think it had gruyere chese.
One thing that I add on top of my pie is Mae Ploy chili sauce from Thailand. It is a hot and sweet sauce. All I can say is that a friend of mine who is a chef from Florence became hooked on the stuff after I introduced it to him.

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RE: Pineapple Pizza, yes or no? 2006/06/21 20:58:58 (permalink)
Hamburger is actually very good on pizza. Canadian bacon and beef has been dads favorite for as long as I can remember.
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