Pizza in Disney World; REALLY yuk!

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2007/06/18 21:59:57 (permalink)

Pizza in Disney World; REALLY yuk!

The "Pizza in Italy" thread reminded me that I missed it when reporting on the food on our Disney trip! Rather than add it as an edit or a post to that thread, I'll write it up here

From the Gasparilla Grill at the Grand Floridian, 16" cheese pizza for $12.

Man, that was a strange thing. All the ingredients were there, but nothing was right. The crust was thick, soft, and doughy, and a little sweet, but more like a bagel than a pizza crust. The sauce was bland, even though I could see herbs in it. There wasn't enough cheese, and what there was was rubbery and tasteless. It was like someone made a pizza without ever having tasted one; like they'd read about pizza, and they'd seen pictures, but no one had a clue about the textures and how all the flavors are supposed to work together. Like pizza sent through a replicator; it comes back looking like pizza, but tasting like synthetic pizza. Without any soul, wothout any amore.

I dunno, it might be worth blowing the $12 just for the novelty value, to see how someone could screw up what should be a slam dunk. But our worst pizza here in the northeast would be a gourmet pie down there.

Also, a few years ago we got a pie from the Uno chain restaurant in Orlando; that was the only pie I've ever tossed out uneaten, that I can remember. Even for an Uno, it was offal. I've had an authentic pie from Uno, over 20 years ago, and that was a really unique experience, a truly innovative pizza. The Orlando Uno pie was garbage.


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    RE: Pizza in Disney World; REALLY yuk! 2007/06/19 13:09:03 (permalink)
    Well ya know, Orlando is hardly Italy (IF the pizza there is any good....)

    I think of Disney, I think of chains (restaurants that is....) and chains do not equal authentic, no matter....
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