Plus-size resort - now I've seen everything!

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RE: Plus-size resort - now I've seen everything! 2003/12/05 12:00:22 (permalink)
Originally posted by lleechef

Meowzart, being skinny is just a fad. The women Bottocelli painted during the Renaissance were naked, full bodied and considered to be VERY sexy and very beautiful. Being skinny and anorexic was OUT.

I hear ya, lleechef. I bought a postcard of Vecellio's Venus d'Urbino when I was in Firenze. I have it hanging in my cube to remind myself that women my shape were once considered the hotties of the world. And we shall rule again one day if I have anything to say about it!
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RE: Plus-size resort - now I've seen everything! 2003/12/05 13:56:51 (permalink)
A wise man in Jamaica once said "Me no like ridin in a volkswagon mon, me like dem cadillac wit a big seat and ting"
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RE: Plus-size resort - now I've seen everything! 2003/12/05 21:37:50 (permalink)
I like my women big and fat
Now some fellas don't like to see 'em like that
but I like to see 'em big and tall
'Cause the bigger they come, the harder they fall!

- "It Ain't the Meat it's the Motion"
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RE: Plus-size resort - now I've seen everything! 2003/12/06 19:42:20 (permalink)
Three quick things: I didn't subscribe to the online Austin newspaper in order to read the original article, so I found the actual site for the plus-sized resort I guess more will be made known about it, review-wise, when it actually opens next year. I didn't know it was in Cancun. Second thing is, clothier as usual hit it on the head (so many people in this forum say it the way I wish I could!). It's how you look at yourself. Before I started Weight Watchers, I didn't have any criticism from anybody regarding my weight, but I just didn't feel right, health-wise and emotionally, that weight. And people don't know how to react once you start losing - the things they say. Now I'm at the point where people at work are saying things like, "Don't lose any more, you'll disappear, you're getting too skinny, blah blah blah". Which is SO not true. I didn't lose this weight for them or anyone else but me. As for my man, he loved me then, he loves me now, doesn't matter what weight (and he's 6'4" and roughly 280). I just feel better, that's all. And trust me, I'm not overly strict with Weight Watchers (otherwise I wouldn't come on here at all or I'd be saying things like, "Well, isn't that fattening?"). And I would never and could for the Shayna in Shayna's Mom, she was an emotional mess, and losing the weight (49 lbs. now for her) WITH me has been an amazing thing so far!

Oh, and the third thing? Saw the pic of CW and JD and *sigh* you guys make a beautiful couple! I wish you both the best - Gey gezunterheyt!
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